Hired! Domantas Fitness Model Casting:

If you’re an underwear enthusiast, then you’ll want to visit and bookmark fitcasting.com as it’s full of hot mostly young European guys working out in a plethora of modern stylish underwear and swimwear, most of it skimpy and revealing. Being gymnast and athletic guys doing training and workouts, you really get to see the underwear from all sides, as they squat, do pushups, handstands, tumble and stretch.

In this particular video, fitness model Domantas is trying out for the job, doing all sorts of floor work, tumbling, pommel horse handstands and more, doing it all in a sexy, revealing ES brief.

Countless sample videos are up on their YouTube channel. They may not be the full-on videos you’ll get by signing up toe the Fitcasting website, but they’re substantial, high definition and definitely hot.



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Fitcasting Model Martin’s White Bikini Brief (Video)

I found the pot of underwear gold on and it’s on Fitcasting’s YouTube Channel, countless videos of beautiful mostly European young men working out in skimpy underwear. If you’re into muscle and fitness you’ll definitely want to consider a membership at the Fitcasting website where you’ll find hundreds of models and thousands of HD videos and countless hi-res photos of these beautiful men working out (usually in underwear). Not convinced, then simply check out their YouTube channel for 60 videos that are not the final product are pretty damn sexy.

It was difficult to choose the first video to feature here, but finally settled on Fitcasting model Martin. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, he’s wearing a very revealing white bikini brief and his very impressive endowment is very obvious.

Click Here for Fitcasting

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Mankini Pride – Part 2

Dave London Undies Review10 from Dave London on Vimeo.

We’re back with part 2 of our Mankini Pride series and at least this time around, it’s not a joke. Here’s the scoop. Dave London, one of my favorite exhibitionists who I’ve been following and admiring for years has started a really awesome series of Video Underwear Reviews. Although he does a tame version for YouTube, he does the full uncensored high definition version on Vimeo. Although you should set a day week off to check out all Dave London’s Underwear Review Videos, this one, in particular, is all about the Mankini. Although he does mention the whole Borat thing and the Mankini being a joke item, this video really shows you the variety of Mankinis out there and just how fun and sexy they can be. Everything from Zebra Print, extra thin ones, totally see-through ones and even asymmetrical ones that seem to defy gravity.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of Dave London, then you can follow him on the Dave London Twitter Page or the Dave London website and a multitude of other places. He truly is a hot guy and that dick is mouth watering!

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Mankini Pride – Part 1

I have a confession. Despite Borat and his making the Mankini the butt of his joke and the huge contingent of (mostly straight) guys who follow suit, I love the mankini. Yes it’s unfortunate that most of them out there in videos on Youtube are in lime green, but still, they really show off a guys body. Something to think about, we’ve been selling a black Mankini by Male Power called the Male Power Front Ring Sling for over 8 years and it’s always been a best seller.

Well, I’m going to do my part by featuring mankinis in video as a regular series. Granted, many of them are silly joke videos but look beyond the joke to find some sexy guys parading around in very little coverage with the mankini highlighting their bulge and ass.

This first one is of some cute guys carrying on up and down the beach in Cancun, Mexico. Although not lime green, they are in florescent pink and orange, and they do look like they’re having a ton of fun!

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A Man’s Routine (Video)

A Man's Routine from Santi Ruiz on Vimeo.

Check this out. It’s a very interesting video about a sexy guy’s bathroom routine with added interest for us underwear fanatic considering he’s in a sexy pair of grey bikini briefs through most of it. Even better is the fact that the camera angles show the guy’s underwear (and impressive bulge) from all sorts of interesting angles as he’s doing pushups, situps, brushing teeth, etc.

The video is by Santi Ruiz and you can find more about him on his website.

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Underwear and Muscle: Travis H in Boxer Briefs (Video)

TRAVIS H PHOTO SHOOT 2015 2 from PumpingMuscle.com on Vimeo.

Video of Pumping Muscle model Travis H in his grey boxer briefs.

Pumping Muscle is a website devoted to hot guys and body building who post their videos on Vimeo. The video teasers like the one above are free but you have to pay for the full-length videos which are usually over an hour long. I expect if you’re into bodybuilding or fascinated with guys who devote themselves to their bodies then the $20+ dollar fee to “rent” the full-length video for 30 days is worth it, but for the casual viewer like me, it seems a bit steep in price. Luckily, the teaser videos have tons of great content of their models usually in their underwear or shorts working out, and this is one of them.

The model’s name is Travis H and if you want to see more of their models, simply visit Pumping Muscle Vimeo Page.

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Ill Fitting Briefs are Sexy Because They’re Ill Fitting (Video)

miguel andres white briefs

Miguel Andrés is a self described “Human being, performer and visual artist” and this is probably one of his more tame videos but for obvious reasons is one of my favorites. In most cases I would not like ill fitting underwear but in this case it’s what makes the video so enticing. Miguel’s plain white briefs are too big combined with his bulge they’re loose at the leg giving you a delicious tease. You don’t get to fully see his package, but if you really want to, check out Miguel Andrés’ other videos – just be warned, he gets pretty graphic in some (another plus in my book!) He fascinated me. Being Spanish doesn’t hurt.

Click the link below for the video:

Obverse (Unfinished) from Miguel Andrés on Vimeo.

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