Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness with Jock Armour Cock Ring

Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness at Jockstrap Central

It’s night and you’re on the prowl, hunting for your next hookup. Well, Cellblock 13 is here to ensure you’ve got the bait to make the kill: It’s you in the all new Prowler body harness.

Cellblock 13 Prowloer It’s an all-in-one neoprene harness swooping down in a V to a pouch complete with a Jock Armour flexible silicone cockring underneath. When you’re called into action or simply want to show off what you’ve got… unsnap that pouch and let the engorged beast out.

But that’s not all: In the back, not only is there a stunning upper panel designed to show off your muscles but more neoprene straps form another V joining up to a single vertical strap that heads down and disappears into the deep dark crevice between your ass cheeks – giving you a thrill with every move you make.

By far the most unique and hottest fetish gear we’ve ever seen from Cellblock 13 so far.

The harness is made entirely of a textured black neoprene with contrasting nylon piping as detailing. The pouch has a single vertical stripe of textured black neoprene with black nylon making up the rest of the pouch with contrasting colored piping. The harness attaches to the included Perfect Fit Jock Armour silicone cockring. Straps attach via heavy duty black metal rings and d-rings. Length is adjustable with a series of black snaps.

Available in four colors: black, blue, purple or red. Be sure to check out our model Simon Marini showing off all aspects of Prowler in our exclusive uncensored photos.


Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness at Jockstrap Central

Male Power Clip Tease Jocks, Thong and Shorts are here

Male Power Clip Tease Jockstraps, Thongs and Trunks

Whether it’s the Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jock, Thong or Mini Short, it’s all about the reveal. Whether you’re a professional stripper or bedroom exhibitionist with an X-tube channel, strip-tease gear doesn’t get any better than this.

Sure, the see-through striped sheer and solid fabric is sexy enough, but the real attraction is the sheer pouch which cradles your junk – which conveniently is sticking out of the slit in the inner fabric layer. The pouch is suspended by two metal clips, so a quick flick of the wrist to unfasten the clips and you’re fully exposed. In black with teal-blue piping detailing.

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap:

It’s hard to believe Male Power’s original and best selling Moonshine Jockstrap was introduced almost 10 years ago and it’s still today one of our best selling erotic jocks. With the new Clip Tease version, Male Power has taken erotic to the extreme. Not only do you have the above mentioned see-through clip-off pouch, unique striped see-through sheer and solid fabric but the “moonshine” rear is spectacular: It’s a jock-brief back with a stunning blue piping to frame and showcase your ass.

Male Power Clip Tease Thong:

Besides the crazy hot pouch design described above, the sheer and solid striped fabric front is cut high on the sides showing all sorts of thigh. Flipping around to the back, the striped fabric continues then dives and disappears into the delicious crevice of your ass cheeks.

Male Power Clip Tease Mini Short:

Besides the crazy hot pouch design described above, the sheer and solid striped fabric front is as the title says – a mini-short. It’s a trunk cut a little bit high in the leg for a sexier look. In the rear, find a unique looking trunk with horizontal sheer and solid stripes with a stunning effect that still allows a pretty revealing view.


All three designs are finished off with a super-soft one inch wide black waistband with MALE POWER front and center in teal-blue.

As a bonus, with every purchase of a Male Power item, we’re going to throw in a free Male Power jockstrap – but only until Sunday, September 30th!


Here’s some closeups of the jock, thong and short:

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap

Male Power Clip Tease Thong

Male Power Clip Tease Thong

Male Power Clip Mini Short

Male Power Clip Mini Short

Male Power Slick It Fetish Gear at Jockstrap Central

Male Power Slick It Fetish Wear at Jockstrap Central


Just arrived: Male Power steps up it’s erotic gear with three new styles we’re called Slick It. All made with a sexy body clinging stretchy black fabric and some with removable bits and pieces for some exposing possibilities. Here’s the details:

Male Power Poseidon Chaps Short with Rip-off Thong

By far the most exciting: The Male Power Poseidon Chaps and Rip-off Thong is two-in-one fun. The outer short is like a pair of chaps in a super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric that’s completely open from the front and back. In the back, the top of the shorts has two metal rings and an elastic straps joining them to ensure the perfect fit.

Separate from the short is a fully detachable thong with a super sexy slim pouch with an upper strap that loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and finished off with a metal ring. The back splits into a sexy Y, the tops loop around the waistband and attaches to itself using Velcro . The bottom of the Y disappears into the crevice between your cheeks inviting anyone to dive in after it.

The best feature is that the chaps short can be worn together with the thong as a set or simply on it’s own for some sexy full-frontal fun gear.

Male Power Liquid Onyx Pouch Short

The Liquid Onyx Pouch Short is meant to be worn skin tight so the contoured pouch and clinging stretchy material bulges out in all the right places. There’s no guess work involved, they’ll know exactly what you’re packing. It’s a jet black shiny short short with a tiny 2.5 inch inseam.

Liquid Onyx is a body hugging fabric made of polyester and spandex, so sleek and shiny, giving it the appearance of PVC, but with a more comfortable feel and easier to care for.

Wear it as underwear, fetish wear or even outerwear if you dare.

Male Power Liquid Onyx Pouch Short

The Male Power Oedipus Stud Thong is a sexy piece of kit with a studded pouch which is extremely narrow in a black, super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric. It’s in fact two pieces. The first is a simple elasticized waistband in black with repeating metal studs. Completely separate is the pouch which narrows at the top to a strap which loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and is finished off with a metal ring.

In the back the thong is a single strap – the top loops around the waistband and attaches to itself using Velcro . The bottom disappears into the crevice between your cheeks which is beyond sexy.


If you’re looking for fun erotic wear and fetish wear without the huge investment in leather, or you simply want a new get up to make you feel sexy then Male Power is your brand. Be sure to check out our full selection of Male Power erotic gear.


Male Power Slick It Fetish Wear at Jockstrap Central

Full Frontal Good Devil Gear at Jockstrap Central

Good Devil Matrix and Mini Thong


Good Devil’s leading a full frontal assault with their new Matrix and Mini Thongs that put your junk out there front and center. Here’s the details:

Good Devil Matrix Thong:

The Good Devil Matrix Thong is a display suit designed to lift and show off all you’ve got in a variety of ways.

Made from a simple thin elasticated fabric string. A non-restrictive cockring is suspended from the waistband by two upper strings. Another string attaches to the bottom of the ring sitting at the base of your shaft. This string travels down, under and around to the back, splitting your balls on the way. This looks and feels awesome. At the back, the string splits into three. The first disappears between your ass cheeks, reappearing at the top and attaches to the center of the waistband while the other two head off in opposite directions mimicking a jockstrap except they don’t sit below the cheeks but just above them.

There are a number of ways to wear the Matrix so be sure to check out our models Jack and Adam Stray as they play around with them.

Good Devil Mini Thong:

Let it all hang out – literally. The Good Devil mini thong is designed to lift, show off and compliment your boys.

Made from a simple and thin elasticated fabric string with one small and one larger loop. You stick your shaft through the first and your balls through the second. Although not as constricting as a cockring, the very sexy nature of this suit will have you excited and stiff in no time. As a bonus, it also has a lifting effect to enhance the bulge.

The back is a single string that starts at the center of the waistband that travels down disappearing between your ass cheeks and eventually reemerges to attach to the large ring right behind your balls.


Although perfect for some naughty fun at home we suggest wearing these items to work under your business suit to add a little excitement to your daily grind. Just keep the bathroom within sight as you may need to spend your breaks in the stall.


Clever underwear – video review

This time ‘minorityreview’ is back in some great stretchy, brief, and sheer Clever Moda underwear. Look out for the tell-tale damp spot in the pale blue Clever ‘Calypso Mesh Latin Brief’ that appears at about 8 minutes in.

Another great video review from your average amateur guy with some impressive close up shots.

You can also check out more pics on his blog at his Tumblr undieguy blog.


Some new users to welcome this week and the return of some previously posted ones, but all with a black theme. Click on an image to visit their FLickr photostream. Here is previously featured user ‘diemoso’ who has expanded his photostream considerably with some very hot underwear self-pics;

A nice Olaf Benz thong from previously featured ‘Paris String Gay’;

New user ‘Rawsparkplug’ drops his jeans to reveal a tight little black number;

and finally some AC black briefs being modelled by new user ‘duked2008’ who also has a stunning collection of underwear self-pics in his photostream:


We’ve been a bit remiss in sorting a relevant Halloween post this year so to make amends here is ‘The Hissing Peppermint’ showing us some suitably themed boxers …

and as we are featuring old Flickr Friday friends here is ‘TheMaleMan’ showing us how he likes to work out in some nice tight Puma boxers…

and finally a couple of pics from ‘Paris String Gay’ whose photostream features many more thong poses – be sure to take a look!


Flickr Logo   This week on Flickr (click on an image below to go to the Flickr photostream) saw thong enthusiast ‘Erosthonger’ showing us how turned on he gets in this very skimpy blue number….

a great open jeans shot from a previous contributor ‘PITO-K’

and finally an autumnal themed design from Louise aka ‘Daddy’s speeding’ who managed to snap her fella bulging impressively in some Bjorn Borg boxerbriefs.


underwear model

When Jockstrap Central saw the new camouflage fabric from Joe Snyder, they loved it so much they decided to not just bring in the
jockstrap, but also the cheek boxer, jock-string, and thong. They had just met their new model Stefano (more on him later) with his good looks and slim athletic build and just knew he was just the guy for this new gear. All the new gear is constructed with Joe Snyder’s signature s-t-r-e-t-c-h Plyamide/Lycra fabric that molds and forms to all your assets. Each of these four styles have unique design elements:

The Stretch Jockstrap has a peek-a-boo pouch design, convenient when you get so excited from wearing this sexy gear. The Cheek Boxer has a contoured front pouch and the back side is cut high and has a rear center seam that clearly defines each cheek. The Jock String marries the styling of a jock with it’s wider front pouch and dual back string straps, but with an adjustable loop that joins the leg straps and act more like a string keeping the straps centered between your cheeks. And finally, the Thong has a classic thong back but has a very narrow front pouch perfect for those who like to point to the sky.

As for Stefano, he’s a fitness trainer in Toronto and it show with his slim but tight athletic build. He’s the ideal model for Jockstrap Central, besides his good looks and confidence in front of the camera, there’s not a shy bone in his body. Perfect when there’s a lot of erotic and mesh underwear to shoot.

This is a small selection from over 500 photos that were taken. You can see even more of Stefano (and I do mean MORE!) in his jockstrap gallery over on a href=”http://www.jockstrapping.com” target=”offsite” class=”bodyLink”>Jockstrapping, our a href=”http://www.jockstrapping.com” target=”offsite” class=”bodyLink”>jockstrap blog and of course even more over on Jockstrap Central.

Enjoy the photos:

underwear model

joe snyder underwear

jockstrap central model stefano

stefano underwear

male underwear

jockstraps and underwear

men's underwear

mens underwear model

male underwear model

stefano underwear

joe snyder jockstraps

joe snyder underwear

stefano underwear

Don’t forget, there’s more photos over on our Jockstrap Blog – just be ready for a very explicit side of Stefano.