Rough and Tumble Underwear Review by Sam Morris


Just came across this new (well, new to me) underwear reviewer on YouTube and glad I did. There’s now a few regular underwear reviewers but what I love most about the Just Sam Morris Underwear Reviews is that he doesn’t just stand there in his underwear but he moves around and in particular rolls around his bed which not only really puts the underwear through a workout but you get to see it from all sorts of sexy angles.

And since we’re talking about reviews, here’s my review of the underwear reviewer, Sam Morris: He’s adorably cute with a nice lean body, lovely bum and an impressive package that really shows off how good (or how bad) the underwear’s pouch can contain his manhood. 5 Full Stars!

Underwear reviewed in this video: H&M Boxer, Boxers from OTZI, old Calvin Klein Boxers Briefs, Agacio Sport Performance Boxer Brief, Daniel Alexander Explosion Slip, Cover Male Curious Slip Thong, Miami Jock Cunning Boxer, Intymen Party Brief, Zara Swim Suit, Barcode Singlet.

Here’s just one of his reviews but be sure to visit the Just Sam Morris YouTube Channel for the others!

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Video: Fitting In in Rio

I’m posting this not because I agree with so much of it, but mostly because there’s lots of hot Brazilian guys in skimpy swimsuits. The premise is some British couple wants to fit in when they go to Rio and so he’s willing to wear some skimpy sunga. I say good for him. However here’s my issues with the video:

1. I know this is a culture thing, but apparently too skimpy and/or light color or white speedo style swimwear is frowned upon. They say it’s all about being proud of their bodies so if some guys feels good in something skimpy and white then let them be. Plus, I’ll be the first to applaud when said white swimwear goes all see-through when wet.

2. The girlfriend is a bitch. Talk about sexism and body shaming. She complains that you can see his bulge and they’re too revealing but I bet she has no issues wearing a skimpy bikini when at the beach. The truth is the guy is cute, has a decent body and doesn’t look to bad in that sunga. Sure he could have chose a better color to compliment his milky white skin but other than that, looks mighty fine to me.


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D.Hedral Sale

We have reported on ‘anglefit’ technology before but now D.HEDRAL has launched its biggest ever sale with 50% off select underwear and beachwear. As well as featuring pics of hunky Thom Evans bulging in their gear, this luxury Italian bodywear brand is also offering Free Shipping on ALL on-line orders to Europe, USA and Canada. […]

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Flickr Friday XXV

The summer sun is certainly getting us down to single items of clothing wherever we are…. ‘themaleman’ is on the beach; while ‘inc($)ense again’ is trying to keep cool at work; Let’s just hope that for those of us having to commute into work this summer we get to enjoy the same views as ‘Sub […]

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We featured the innovative new range of underwear from D.HEDRAL in a post last year (D.Hedral Anglefit underwear) and soon they are heading to the beach with a new range of swim briefs. The best part for us bulge watchers is they have managed to snag a former Scottish international rugby union player, Thom Evans, […]

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