JC Athletic Jockstraps Gallery featuring model Trent

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JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap

As I’m sure you know by now, Jockstrap Central has just launched their own line of sports jockstraps under their JC Athletic Brand. These are true sports jockstraps and are a culmination of all the features the owners of Jockstrap Central love about the sports jocks, with a few tweaks and a huge nod to the classics.

For the launch, they got their handsome fitness guru model Trent to take the new jocks for a test run. Here’s just a sampling of their exclusive photography of Trent in the new JC Athletic jockstraps.

Be sure to visit their website and online store for more of Trent and to snag yourself some of the new JC Athletic jockstraps.


JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap

Exclusive photos ahead…

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Instagrammed Undies: Stefano Foster

I have to come clean: Stefano was one of of original models at Jockstrap Central and one of my personal favorite models and although he left us (Toronto) to head for England, I still follow his career. Hopefully one day he’ll come back to Toronto and I’ll be able to work with him again. In the mean time, here’s some of Instagram photos that focus on underwear.

@jpharrowportraits #model #underwearmodel http://www.modelmayhem.com/1522059 @armani @nikesportswear

A photo posted by stefano Foster (@stefanofoster) on

More photos ahead…

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C-IN2 Underwear Spotlight

Whether your are searching for a new look or something completely different C-IN2 seems to really take the classic and put a new twist on the look of men’s underwear. This can be seen in their various, themed collections. Designed with stunning colored details and amazing fabrics C-IN2 captures something in each of their collections […]

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Flickr Friday XXXI

Its a slow start to the year but we have some old faithfuls still updating their photostream with self-bulge pics. First though we give special mention to a new ‘otter’ who goes by the nic of ‘lostboots’ who was kind enough to let us share his boxertrunks selfie Previously featured friends of the site include […]

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Flickr Friday XXX

Before you dive in all excited, the triple X in the title refers to our 30th Flickr Friday post, and anyway this is an underwear site, no willies to be flaunted here I am afraid. With the recent Christmas break and subsequent January blues it seems that Flickr has been quite devoid of new male […]

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Flickr Friday XXIX

This week we stumbled across a new Flickr user under the guise of ‘rebelsky351’ who proceeded to upload a recently created account with underwear shots. He clearly loves (and is proud owner of) a ‘bubble butt’. He has several self-pics of those, but also a few front bulge pics in skimpy underwear; here is a […]

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