Mundo Mais: Lukas Caiçara in his undies

Lukas Caiçara in black boxer briefs at Mundo Mais

If you’re looking for a fix of hot Brazilian guys in their undies (and less) then be sure to regularly check out Mundo Mais as they’ve been posting photos (and videos) of their hot models in underwear and swimwear for years.

All the g-rated photos are available to all and once in a while a dick slip photo will be available but for anything else x-rated you have to be a member but it’s inexpensive to join and they have years of content available.



GBGB Jockstraps now at Jockstrap Central

GBGB Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central


Time to freshen up your top jockstrap drawer and Jockstrap Central has exactly what you need!

We’ve got a new brand called GBGB that’s just arrived with a whole bunch of sexy new mesh and sports jocks . Considering, GBGB stands for Good Boys Gone Bad, we think they’re a pretty incredible fit at Jockstrap Central. Just like us, everything GBGB does, they throw a naughty curve ball at. There are 8 new jocks in three styles – everything from see-through net jockstraps to modern sports jockstraps. Here’s the details:

GBGB Benz Net Jockstrap:

Even though you’re probably not going to be wearing this jock to the gym, marathon or sports field, the 1.5 inch wide waistband definitely borrows from the sports world with it’s white elastic and five small horizontal sports stripes running through it (in either blue, grey, green or yellow). But that’s where the borrowing ends – the pouch is made of a moderately wide white mesh net which means it’s VERY see-through.

GBGB 3″ Classic Sports Jockstrap V 2.0

The GBGB Classic 3″ Sport Jockstrap is a very modern jock but borrows hugely from the all the classic sports jock of yesteryear. With a full on, masculine and very sturdy 3 inch wide waistband with an additional waistband binding strip for extra support. But it’s not just the waistband that has us excited, the pouch is made with an awesome ribbed knit fabric so you not only get the moisture wicking of a sports jock but the fabric is so soft right out of the box your boys are going to be loving you for it. It’s also contoured to fit you just right plus the ribbing ends up cradling your junk for bulging perfection. As a final touch, GBGB has bordered the pouch with silicon tapes for a more secure fit and maximum support.

We’ve got this jockstrap in both royal-blue and a deep crimson red.

GBGB 2″ Classic Sports Jockstrap

Essentially, just like the 3 inch jockstrap above yet a bit more streamlined with a slightly smaller 2 inch wide waistband. But don’t worry, it’s still pretty tough with the additional waistband binding strip which adds extra support. We’ve got this jock in a solid royal-blue and a totally stylin’ black with royal-blue waistband version.


The best feature of the new GBGB jocks is that they’re as affordable as they are stylish and well-made. All the jocks are either $20 or $22!

Be sure to check out the Jockstrap Central website to see our models Jordi and Romeo in all the new GBGB jockstraps – there’s lots of fun photos – especially with the see-through mesh jocks!


GBGB Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Mankini Pride: in Turkey

Guys in Mankinis

Despite the worldwide joke the Mankini has become thanks to Borat, I still think it’s a very sexy revealing style of underwear. But if being the butt of a joke gets more guys wearing them and posting them on YouTube then I’ll take it.

In the case of this video, there’s no context. Some guy named Tom who normally posts videos of cars randomly posts a video of him and his buddies in Turkey cruising around the ocean all in mankinis. Still not complaining.

Here’s the video:

Male Power Clip Tease Jocks, Thong and Shorts are here

Male Power Clip Tease Jockstraps, Thongs and Trunks

Whether it’s the Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jock, Thong or Mini Short, it’s all about the reveal. Whether you’re a professional stripper or bedroom exhibitionist with an X-tube channel, strip-tease gear doesn’t get any better than this.

Sure, the see-through striped sheer and solid fabric is sexy enough, but the real attraction is the sheer pouch which cradles your junk – which conveniently is sticking out of the slit in the inner fabric layer. The pouch is suspended by two metal clips, so a quick flick of the wrist to unfasten the clips and you’re fully exposed. In black with teal-blue piping detailing.

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap:

It’s hard to believe Male Power’s original and best selling Moonshine Jockstrap was introduced almost 10 years ago and it’s still today one of our best selling erotic jocks. With the new Clip Tease version, Male Power has taken erotic to the extreme. Not only do you have the above mentioned see-through clip-off pouch, unique striped see-through sheer and solid fabric but the “moonshine” rear is spectacular: It’s a jock-brief back with a stunning blue piping to frame and showcase your ass.

Male Power Clip Tease Thong:

Besides the crazy hot pouch design described above, the sheer and solid striped fabric front is cut high on the sides showing all sorts of thigh. Flipping around to the back, the striped fabric continues then dives and disappears into the delicious crevice of your ass cheeks.

Male Power Clip Tease Mini Short:

Besides the crazy hot pouch design described above, the sheer and solid striped fabric front is as the title says – a mini-short. It’s a trunk cut a little bit high in the leg for a sexier look. In the rear, find a unique looking trunk with horizontal sheer and solid stripes with a stunning effect that still allows a pretty revealing view.


All three designs are finished off with a super-soft one inch wide black waistband with MALE POWER front and center in teal-blue.

As a bonus, with every purchase of a Male Power item, we’re going to throw in a free Male Power jockstrap – but only until Sunday, September 30th!


Here’s some closeups of the jock, thong and short:

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap

Male Power Clip Tease Moonshine Jockstrap

Male Power Clip Tease Thong

Male Power Clip Tease Thong

Male Power Clip Mini Short

Male Power Clip Mini Short

SUKREW: The Sexually Charged Underwear Brand For Men!


SUKREW is the self styled sexual underwear brand for men, and their overall goal is to help a man look great and feel sexual,and confident.

Launched in 2013 with the ground breaking full-frontal U Trunk and quickly expanding to include unique takes on the brief and jockstrap, Sukrew, standing for Sexual Unity Crew has taken the UK by storm. Designer Kingsley Hamilton’s vision was to reinvent and innovate what we know about Men’s underwear, bringing a fun new twist to the classics, and making them ultra sexy in the process.

Jockstrap Central is proud to be the first to offer Sukrew this side of the Atlantic and giving North America the chance to add a touch of England to their underwear drawers.



C-IN2 Underwear Spotlight

C-IN2's Scrimmage Collection
C-IN2’s Scrimmage Collection

Whether your are searching for a new look or something completely different C-IN2 seems to really take the classic and put a new twist on the look of men’s underwear. This can be seen in their various, themed collections.

Designed with stunning colored details and amazing fabrics C-IN2 captures something in each of their collections that is both masculine and fun. Each one is different, and evokes a different look, and feel setting them apart from previous collections.

Here are some examples of some of my favorite designs.

From their Perfect Ten in Zen Collection
From their Perfect Ten in Zen Collection

From their H+A+R+D Collection
From their H+A+R+D Collection

From the Scuff Collection
From the Scuff Collection

Check out more of C-IN2’s fresh and fun designs on their official page

Vintage Gold!

Roller Rink Underwear Party?  Why the heck not!
Roller Rink Underwear Party? Why the heck not!

With ever changing styles, brands and innovation we have seen the world of Men’s underwear make some drastic changes. They have become streamlined, contoured and the aesthetic has also changed dramatically. Lets take a brief (pun intended) look at some of this weeks Vintage Underwear Gold.

Who's getting into your Skimpy's?
Who’s getting into your Skimpy’s?

Underwear beach party goodness.  The Charlies Angles of the Men's catalog.
Underwear beach party goodness. The Charlies Angles of the Men’s catalog.

Mesh and Fur...but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.
Mesh and Fur…but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.

New Pistol Pete Jocks and Jock Briefs at Jockstrap Central

Pistol Pete Jockstraps
Pistol Pete Jockstraps


We’ve got some hot new Pistol Pete jocks and jock briefs for your smoking gun and holster. With the Millennium Jock Brief or Intimo Jockstrap, Pistol Pete has hit a double bullseye. Here’s the details:

Millennium Jock Brief:

Typical of a jock brief, it’s got a brief style front and jock style back; made of a subtly see-through mesh that becomes more see-through with your bulge pushing up against the fabric, stretching those ventilation holes just large enough for a hint of what’s lies beneath. Trust us, those close by will insist on closer inspection.

Black contrasting elasticated piping improves the fit and adds a dash of style. Finally, this jock brief includes a 1.5 inch wide black ultra-soft waistband with subtle embossed repeating Pistol Pete logo.

Intimo Jockstrap:

Visually stunning, whether it’s the soft ribbed pouch with ribs running vertically defining every curve nook and cranny of your bulge or the two “eyes” formed where the top central part of the pouch meets the waistband exposing your pubes. Comfort is enhanced by the stretch of the rib and contour of the pouch design. Style is heightened by the contrasting elasticated fabric edging.

Of course it wouldn’t be a jockstrap without the leg straps – they’re soft one inch wide elastic to keep everything in place. Lastly, a one and a quarter inch soft elastic comfort waistband in white with navy blue and green centered stripe and front centered Pistol Pete logo woven into the design.