Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness with Jock Armour Cock Ring

Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness at Jockstrap Central

It’s night and you’re on the prowl, hunting for your next hookup. Well, Cellblock 13 is here to ensure you’ve got the bait to make the kill: It’s you in the all new Prowler body harness.

Cellblock 13 Prowloer It’s an all-in-one neoprene harness swooping down in a V to a pouch complete with a Jock Armour flexible silicone cockring underneath. When you’re called into action or simply want to show off what you’ve got… unsnap that pouch and let the engorged beast out.

But that’s not all: In the back, not only is there a stunning upper panel designed to show off your muscles but more neoprene straps form another V joining up to a single vertical strap that heads down and disappears into the deep dark crevice between your ass cheeks – giving you a thrill with every move you make.

By far the most unique and hottest fetish gear we’ve ever seen from Cellblock 13 so far.

The harness is made entirely of a textured black neoprene with contrasting nylon piping as detailing. The pouch has a single vertical stripe of textured black neoprene with black nylon making up the rest of the pouch with contrasting colored piping. The harness attaches to the included Perfect Fit Jock Armour silicone cockring. Straps attach via heavy duty black metal rings and d-rings. Length is adjustable with a series of black snaps.

Available in four colors: black, blue, purple or red. Be sure to check out our model Simon Marini showing off all aspects of Prowler in our exclusive uncensored photos.


Cellblock 13 Prowler Neoprene Body Harness at Jockstrap Central

Maskulo Jockstrap and Fetish Wear Sale at Jockstrap Central

Maskulo Fetish Wear Sale

Great news! All our Maskulo gear at Jockstrap Central is on sale for 15% to 30% off until Tuesday, August 8th. This hard to find but must have sports fetish brand is imported from Russia and it’s ridiculously hot. We call it sports-fetish-on-steroids meets Mad Max with a touch of Spartacus when you consider their signature formed, always bulging cod piece that snaps on or off (for full-frontal exposure or in case your cock is called into action).

We have Maskulo jockstraps – a jockstrap with a removable cod piece (pouch) in all your favorite fetish colors. Maskulo Open Back Football Shorts with leather-look armored shin pads (so you can be exposed both front and back). Likewise, we have Open Back Leggings some with permanently attached cod pieces (now discontinued) and the new Maskulo Open Back Leggings with the fully removable cod piece – both styles have the leather-look padded armor running down both legs. For a bit more modesty, we also have a few Full Back Fetish Shorts, but even those have the removable cod piece (they’re discontinued and stock is getting low, but if you’re lucky you can still snag your size). All the shorts and leggings are made with a body hugging spandex. And finally, we have freakn’ hot Maskulo Forearm Wallets to not only complete your Maskulo look but to store your valuables.

In case you don’t know, and this is one of the main reasons we carry Maskulo: Maskulo is owned and operated by two gay guys in Russia who are partners and boyfriends. They are gay rights activists and part of their profits is donated to democracy and human rights organizations in Russia. Bulat, one of the owners even ran for parliament as an openly gay candidate – now that takes balls.

Be sure to take advantage of this sale, Maskulo rarely goes on sale.


Maskulo Fetish Shorts with Cod Piece at Jockstrap Central

Maskulo Fetish Shorts at Jockstrap Central


Just arrived and exclusive in North America to Jockstrap Central it’s fetish gear designer Maskulo. We’re launching with a down and dirty range of fitted Lycra shorts with optional exposed ass and optional leather look armored padding, each with an awe inspiring bulge creating cod piece that’s removable for when your dick is called into action. Makes for the perfect Pride or fetish fair outfit that is sure to get heads turning.

All three versions have Maskulo’s signature black padded detachable formed cod piece giving you one massive bulge no matter what state of arousal you’re in. Contrasting vertical racing stripes also enhance the contours. Unsnap just a bit of the pouch for a tease or all the way for a full frontal assault. A suggestion: your partner’s face is the perfect spot to keep that pouch safe while you’re not wearing it. Also included in all three designs is the full on 2 1/4 inch, uber-masculine white elastic waistband edged with a thin strip of black both top and bottom with centered black and bold M A S K U L O.

Beyond the pouch and waistband, you can choose either the full featured, open ass Football Short with leather-look padded armored panels, the Open Back Fetish Short or for a more modest take, the full back Fetish Short.

Available in either a multitude of fetish friendly colors from the in your face yellow (water sports, anybody?) to the let’s get serious black on black. Made with durable fabrics, double stitching and all come with a complete extra set of hardware (snaps). Maskulo is quality all the way.

Keep in mind, we have limited quantities of this incredibly hot gear and considering you’ll get free USA shipping or discounted world shipping when you get just one – without a doubt they are going to be snapped up in no time and the turn around on these imported shorts is a matter of months. In other words, get them while you can before they’re gone.

Be sure to check our Maskulo at Jockstrap Central, even if it’s just to see our model Mick in his full frontal photos. Ryan Russell is also in the new gear, but when isn’t Ryan’s dick out on full display?


Here’s a sampling of our Maskulo photography:

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Fetish Shorts

7 New Outrageous NSFW Ball Lifters and Mesh Jockstraps from Raw Studio

Raw Studio Mesh Jockstraps and Ball Lifters
Raw Studio Mesh Jockstraps and Ball Lifters

Raw Studio Mesh Jockstraps and Ball Lifters


Still exclusive to Jockstrap Central, Toronto designer Raw Studio is back with seven new, totally unique, undeniably sexy, completely affordable and totally outrageous new designs. We’re calling it the second coming. Here’s the details:


The concept is simple but the look is hot and the effect is awesome. It’s a single piece of Raw Studio’s signature one and a quarter inch two-toned comfort elastic that runs around your waist and drops down in the front to wrap around (and lift) your balls. It not only looks great but it feels great lifting up and pushing out your package as any good ball lifter should.


Most ball lifters are pretty utilitarian but not this one. Sure, the Baller does it’s job by getting your boys riding high and pushed out for maximum bulging but it’s also loaded with style: A two-toned comfort elastic is not only the waistband but also what scoops down around and under your balls with a black shine fabric panel at top of the opening to set it all off. This is one good looking piece of gear that bridges the gap between ball-lifter and display suit.


Sure, Raw Studio’s Mesh Jockstrap is loaded with sophisticated style, but with it’s ultra fine mesh pouch, it’s also a very revealing jock, perfect for the exhibitionist in you. We’ve got them in either black or white.


The Stripe Jockstrap is essentially the Raw Studio Mesh Jockstrap above but with a little extra: a center three quarter inch stripe in a shiny white fabric down the center of the pouch. Although it partially hides what lies beneath, don’t think this jock isn’t see-through, all is revealed on either side of the stripe. Again, it comes in either black or white versions.


Sure it’s great to show off what’s you’ve got but once in a while you need a little modesty – the Raw Studio Mesh Pinstripe Jockstrap is perfect for that occasion. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a sheer jock but the pin striping acts as a bit of camouflage. With a little eye strain you can still see what’s going on beneath but quite frankly, if someone IS gawking at your crotch long and hard enough to see what’s going on then they’re probably pretty OK with it.


As they say, a picture paints a thousand words so for an even better idea of what these new Raw Studio creations are all about, check out the website to see the totally uncensored photos our models Ryan Russell and Spence in all the new gear.