PUMP! It Up Sale at Jockstrap Central – 20% to 25% Off

PUMP! Sale at Jockstrap Central

PUMP! It Up!

From now until Tuesday, May 9th our huge collection of PUMP! gear is on sale for 20% to 25% off. Slowly but surely we’re bringing in everything PUMP! has to offer simply because we love the look, the fit, the quality and the price. Plus it’s designed in Montreal, a city we love full of ridiculously sexy men. Although we don’t carry quite everything yet, we do now carry every jockstrap available from the early soft cotton ones, to the new slick looking micro-mesh jocks. We’ve also got a ton of micro-mesh PUMP! Briefs, Touchdown Boxers (fitted trunks), two styles of mesh tank-tops (one with a hood), and even loads of sporty ankle socks (in packs of two).

Don’t miss out on the sale, you have until Tuesday.



With so many brands of men’s underwear around these days, new ones appearing almost weekly and the ease of internet shopping it is easier than ever to find just what you are looking for; easy as 1, 2, 3 in fact….

1 is for OneCubed, a London-based clothing company run by the three Gregory brothers (triplets).

2 is for 2Wink, a brand from Perth, Western Australia whose was created from the concept of “winking” one’s eye. Australians are renowned for giving you a wink if they like what they see.

and 3 is for 3G Actualwear, a Canadian brand founded in 2007.

Note that this is not intended as an endorsement of any particular brand, just another ruse to bring you some nice packages thinly disguised as an interesting blog post! More later look out for ‘A-B-C’ next time (or X-Y-Z perhaps – now there’s a challenge!)