Mundo Mais: Lukas Caiçara in his undies

Lukas Caiçara in black boxer briefs at Mundo Mais

If you’re looking for a fix of hot Brazilian guys in their undies (and less) then be sure to regularly check out Mundo Mais as they’ve been posting photos (and videos) of their hot models in underwear and swimwear for years.

All the g-rated photos are available to all and once in a while a dick slip photo will be available but for anything else x-rated you have to be a member but it’s inexpensive to join and they have years of content available.



Vintage Gold!

Roller Rink Underwear Party?  Why the heck not!
Roller Rink Underwear Party? Why the heck not!

With ever changing styles, brands and innovation we have seen the world of Men’s underwear make some drastic changes. They have become streamlined, contoured and the aesthetic has also changed dramatically. Lets take a brief (pun intended) look at some of this weeks Vintage Underwear Gold.

Who's getting into your Skimpy's?
Who’s getting into your Skimpy’s?

Underwear beach party goodness.  The Charlies Angles of the Men's catalog.
Underwear beach party goodness. The Charlies Angles of the Men’s catalog.

Mesh and Fur...but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.
Mesh and Fur…but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.

Soccer Star Neymar does Lupo Underwear

In case you don’t follow soccer, and in particular, Brazilian/Spanish soccer: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, as a forward or winger. He’s also a frontman for Brazilian underwear designer Lupo. If you didn’t know all this, don’t feel bad, I just learned it thanks to Google after finding a whole bunch of Neymar’s Lupo underwear photos.










PUMP! Touchdown Boxers at Jockstrap Central

PUMP! Touchdown Boxers
PUMP! Touchdown Boxers

These new bold boxers from Canadian designer PUMP! will certainly get the blood flowing. With their super modern design and based on the success of our initial launch of PUMP! Jockstraps, we know these Touchdown Boxers are also going to fly off the shelves.

Whether it’s at the club, the office, lounging at home or on a hot date you’re going to love wearing this awesome gear. With their bold color combinations and stunning design elements, this underwear is going to get you noticed. Don’t think it’s all style and no substance, not only are they good looking but they’re ultra-comfortable and craftsmanship is A+.

Touchdown is loaded with features: This square cut boxer has a solid cotton-blend pouch that’s soft to the touch with contrasting piping and center stitching to accentuate your bulge. A contrasting edged fake fly adds a stylish touch. Speaking of style: A high tech micromesh makes up the bulk of the boxer with an extra mesh panel in the rear seat. Contrasting double-lock stitching not only joins the panels but looks great too.

But that’s not all: One and one quarter inch duo-colored leg elastic keep the underwear from riding up adding yet another design feature. Last but not least, it includes a full two inch wide plushed comfort waistband with woven and embossed large front and center PUMP! logo and smaller off-center PUMP! logo in the back.

The only thing missing in this boxer is you.

Even better is we’re offering free USA and discounted world shipping on orders of $25 or more. Buy just one of these new Boxers and you’ll get the free/discounted shipping.


Eye candy – a video

When we see an underwear video on ‘Vimeo’ entitled ‘Eye Candy’ then we just have to give it a quick (or lengthy!) look. Here we have model Frank Fanucchi in not much more than some AC underwear posing on the beach.

There are some great close-up shots of his bulge and content that we felt was worth sharing with our readers. Enjoy!

A fashion film with some of the leading brands in mens underwear starring model / actor Frank Fanucchi.
©2013 Amir Jaffer Productions and Frank Fanucchi. All Rights Reserved.

Flickr Friday XXII

Amateur guys on Flickr still can’t help stripping to their undergear. Great pose and lighting from user ‘killtylergage’ in this shot (click on pic to view associated flickr photostream);


and if you like ’em a bit hairy, then they don’t come much better than ‘nathxngeorge’ posing in his black FTL’s (nice legs);


and finally, our old friend from last year has excelled once more. ‘ZephyrM’ clearly loves being in these boxers… though is struggling to stay in them, for sure.



Guy Richie is back making promo videos for David Beckham’s H+M range of underwear. His latest advert appears to be loosely based on the 1992 Tarsem Singh advert for Levi jeans, which followed a handsome young man stripping to his jeans as he cut across the back gardens of American suburbia; which in turn was influenced by the previous 1968 film ‘The Swimmer’ featuring Burt Lancaster.

In this case Richie has completely removed the jeans from the equation and adds Mr Beckham (the envy of str8 men and the popular fantasy of gays) in one of his range of H+M boxers. In one sequence Mr Richie thoughtfully places his camera squarely in front of our footballing hero’s groin as he sprints towards it – for a couple of delicious seconds you can watch the Beckham love spuds jiggle….. (00:36 – 00:38). A compulsory pool sequence gets him nice and wet but is shot from a side view. But panic not, you do get to see David in wet underwear although only for a ‘brief’ second as he emerges at the other end of the pool.

Oh to be a passenger on that tourist bus.


They keep on coming thick and fast. Yep, yet another underwear brand launched in Australia at the back end of last year. They have tried to embody a sporting and outgoing lifestyle, inspired by an ever changing street and urban culture. It seems a bit of a tenuous link but they claim their custom designs and vibrant colours reflect the love, joy and happiness one shares with one’s Mum and that it doesn’t matter what your background as at the end of the day everyone is a mummy’s boy. I am sure their publicity and marketing means well but it all seems just a little contrived.

Created in 2010 by founder Paul Muliaga the brand launched it’s .com website at a party in Sydney, Australia last November (video on their site). They want to bring a unique, affordable and comfy brand of underwear to the marketplace – hardly a USP but they do have high hopes and some fairly striking colorways in their initial offerings.


Is this brand the result of insufficient market research in a truly global marketplace? the name ‘Mummy’s Boy’ is widely accepted as an almost derogatory term for any male who doesn’t fit the traditional macho male stereotype. To be fair though, we suspect their tongue is firmly in their cheek – either way it made us smile.

See the full range on their website … WWW.MUMMYSBOY.COM


Take an underwear fanatic, have him make home-video reviews of the briefs in his undies drawer and away you go… this one for SkinXWear, a Malaysian brand that he bought in Singapore. Perhaps the narrative isn’t the best but he does try on quite a few pairs and he does get pretty close up to the camera. It’s fairly obvious he finds the whole thing quite a turn on. Enjoy!

We have added him to our favourites and look forward to more!


It is, unintentionally perhaps, one of the most internationally recognised and iconic ‘brand’ images, right up there with Coca-Cola and McDonalds. No wonder then that the American flag is so often used among clothing designs and patterns, from shoes, belts, tees, sweats and of course mens underwear. By way of wishing Happy Thanksgiving to our friends ‘across the pond’ here are a couple of images for your enjoyment…

First up is from Flickr user Derek Allan (click on image to see the rest of his photostream) who inspired this post and proves that here in the UK even our own menswear outlets are pledging their allegiance…

And it was seeing that image that inspired me to seek out a couple of others…



No surprise with the gamut of brands all battling for our attention that there are some that may be more familiar than others. While trawling the net we found a video for a new Spanish store (SIXMadrid) featuring a model in Todd Sanfield underwear:

They won’t sell many for a while as their website isn’t completed yet! However, it does give us access to a nice model in his underwear so no complaints there… and on further investigation we find Todd Sanfield himself was a medical student that began modelling back in 2007. He gained fame through photo-spreads in Tetu and DNA magazines, then later being featured in OUT magazine and modelling for several underwear companies.

He now markets his own underwear brand, a small range of boxers and briefs in limited colors. See the full range on his site: WWW.TODDSANFIELD.COM


With so many brands of men’s underwear around these days, new ones appearing almost weekly and the ease of internet shopping it is easier than ever to find just what you are looking for; easy as 1, 2, 3 in fact….

1 is for OneCubed, a London-based clothing company run by the three Gregory brothers (triplets).

2 is for 2Wink, a brand from Perth, Western Australia whose was created from the concept of “winking” one’s eye. Australians are renowned for giving you a wink if they like what they see.

and 3 is for 3G Actualwear, a Canadian brand founded in 2007.

Note that this is not intended as an endorsement of any particular brand, just another ruse to bring you some nice packages thinly disguised as an interesting blog post! More later look out for ‘A-B-C’ next time (or X-Y-Z perhaps – now there’s a challenge!)