Wet Underwear


Guy Richie is back making promo videos for David Beckham’s H+M range of underwear. His latest advert appears to be loosely based on the 1992 Tarsem Singh advert for Levi jeans, which followed a handsome young man stripping to his jeans as he cut across the back gardens of American suburbia; which in turn was influenced by the previous 1968 film ‘The Swimmer’ featuring Burt Lancaster.

In this case Richie has completely removed the jeans from the equation and adds Mr Beckham (the envy of str8 men and the popular fantasy of gays) in one of his range of H+M boxers. In one sequence Mr Richie thoughtfully places his camera squarely in front of our footballing hero’s groin as he sprints towards it – for a couple of delicious seconds you can watch the Beckham love spuds jiggle….. (00:36 – 00:38). A compulsory pool sequence gets him nice and wet but is shot from a side view. But panic not, you do get to see David in wet underwear although only for a ‘brief’ second as he emerges at the other end of the pool.

Oh to be a passenger on that tourist bus.


The latest in an increasingly long line of Andrew Christian videos gets wetter and closer in than ever before. More arty, more water, more lingering shots of soaked bulges and buns… and finally Colby Melvyn gets a day off!

Music By: “SO DELICIOUS (MASSI & DE LEON MASSIVE RADIO MIX)” by Salme Dahlstrom / Getty Images
Models: Brandon Wertz, Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan), Josh Scarpuzzi, Jose Valvadia

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Flickr Logo   A bit of a mixed bag on Flickr this week – I guess the theme would be unusual views; starting with this view on lithium1600’s photostream (for those that like to add sneakers into their underwear/tight shorts mix) …

A view down the exercise bench in skimpy tangas from ‘davidinkilt’…

and finally a view through a soapy shower door showing how aroused deej107 can get when wearing a thong…


If you appreciate a cute butt in underwear and like what Andrew Christian has done for underwear advertising then you can’t miss his new video compilation …

At the end is a time limited (13-Aug) 25% off voucher code for use on their website – or if you really must skip the video (why?!) the code is also given on their website landing page.



QuarterHomme is a new label whose mission statement is to get into every ordinary man’s drawers and make them extraordinary; a fine aspiration for sure, but much more interesting for us less ‘ordinary men’ is their decision to market the new low rise nano series briefs by wrapping a pair around a hot model and make him cool off in the ocean. Add a touch of retro coloring and we have a video not to be missed!

Take a look…

See their growing range of underwear, swimwear & Graphic T’s (plus more videos) on their website : WWW.QUARTERHOMME.COM


We all know and love those very homo-erotic Andrew Christian videos; well now Hom underwear have got in on the act ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games by cladding the French swimming team in various Hom briefs and handing them some bottled water to throw at each other! A lot tamer than the AC offerings but worth a look for some great bulges in underwear – if you haven’t caught it yet check it out below…

What do you mean you haven’t seen the AC take on underwear promotion? Where have you been? The Andrew Christian video collection is available on the Vimeo site or on his own website.