Style Guide: Boner in Underwear (Video)

Sobando y Marcando mi Bulto en mi Boxer Amarillo powered by XTube

We’ve all been there. We’ve just put on our favorite pair of underwear and like a domino effect, you spring a boner. But never fear, this xTube user Ricopaquete shows you the best ways to wear your boner in your boxer briefs. In this video he’s wearing a yellow Soccer Boxerbrief but can be adapted to briefs as well.

* For instructional purposes only

Mankini Pride – Part 1

I have a confession. Despite Borat and his making the Mankini the butt of his joke and the huge contingent of (mostly straight) guys who follow suit, I love the mankini. Yes it’s unfortunate that most of them out there in videos on Youtube are in lime green, but still, they really show off a guys body. Something to think about, we’ve been selling a black Mankini by Male Power called the Male Power Front Ring Sling for over 8 years and it’s always been a best seller.

Well, I’m going to do my part by featuring mankinis in video as a regular series. Granted, many of them are silly joke videos but look beyond the joke to find some sexy guys parading around in very little coverage with the mankini highlighting their bulge and ass.

This first mankini video is of some cute guys carrying on up and down the beach in Cancun, Mexico. Although not lime green, they are in florescent pink and orange, and they do look like they’re having a ton of fun!

A Hot Day’s Night is about as hot as it gets

A Hot Day's Night from Arteo Photo on Vimeo.

For this underwear fanatic, Director Arteo Photo’s Vimeo video A Hot Day’s Night is about as hot as it gets. Seriously, in my perfect world, this is how all porn should start (and even finish) as the slow undressing, two changes of underwear and what you feel is a glimpse into model Davide Allena’s life with a sexuality that feels almost accidental.

Arteo Photo is asking for feedback over on his Vimeo page in the comment section for encouragement to make part 2 of the video, so you know what to do…

Underwear included in video: Tezenis Brief and 2(x)ist Brief

How to Wear a Langot (traditional Indian underwear)

In my extensive searches for everything underwear related, I’ve discovered and fallen in love with two styles of traditional underwear, the langot from India and fundoshi from Japan. They are beyond sexy in that they’re quite revealing and I’ve found a ton of hot photos and videos of guys in both. To start off both series, I’m going to post instructional videos on how to put them on which I think is a great introduction. The first is the langot and tomorrow will be the fundoshi: Here’s a description of it from Wikipedia:

Kaupinam (Devanagari: ??????), kaupina (Devanagari: ?????) or langot (Devanagari: ?????) is an undergarment worn by Indian men as a loincloth or underclothing. It is made up of rectangular strip of cotton cloth that is used to cover the genitals with the help of the strings connected to the four ends of the cloth for binding it around the waist of the wearer. It is used by wrestlers in the game of kushti or traditional Indian wrestling in the akharada (wrestling ring) and during practice sessions and training.

It is used extensively by wrestlers (pehelwans) in India participating in the traditional game of kushti (a form of traditional wrestling). It is worn by wrestlers during matches, practice, training and exercises (kasrat).

Disclosure: I truly love guys of all ethnic persuasions, but there’s a few that drive me wild. Indian men are one of them, luckily, there’s a tons of content out there of beautiful Indian men in langots working out and wrestling. Stay tuned as you’re going to love what’s coming up on this blog.

Here’s one more video of an Indian guy putting on his langot but you’ll have to watch it on YouTube as he’s not allowing embedding. Unlike the above video, the guy starts off naked then proceeds to show us how to put on a langot.