Fitcasting: Igor in Skimpy Thongs

Igor in Yellow Thong - Fitcasting

These day, with so much great free porn I rarely subscribe to membership based websites but there’s one where I maintain a membership simply because it’s an underwear fetishists wet dream: Fitcasting.

The concept is simple: Hot European and very fit guys working out in some of the hottest and skimpiest underwear available. There’s tons of photos but the real deal is their huge collection of high-definition videos which they keep adding almost every day.

As time goes on, they seem to be getting hotter and hotter, while the focus is still on the guys and their incredible bodies, the underwear is getting skimpier and more revealing. Plus lately, the guys are even getting boners.

Anyway, enjoy these screen captures from one of the videos of one of my favorite Fitcasting models and afterward, head over there and join – trust me, it’s worth it!

(btw, I have no affiliation with them, just a huge fan!)



Mankini Pride: in Turkey

Guys in Mankinis

Despite the worldwide joke the Mankini has become thanks to Borat, I still think it’s a very sexy revealing style of underwear. But if being the butt of a joke gets more guys wearing them and posting them on YouTube then I’ll take it.

In the case of this video, there’s no context. Some guy named Tom who normally posts videos of cars randomly posts a video of him and his buddies in Turkey cruising around the ocean all in mankinis. Still not complaining.

Here’s the video:

Mankini Pride – Part 1

I have a confession. Despite Borat and his making the Mankini the butt of his joke and the huge contingent of (mostly straight) guys who follow suit, I love the mankini. Yes it’s unfortunate that most of them out there in videos on Youtube are in lime green, but still, they really show off a guys body. Something to think about, we’ve been selling a black Mankini by Male Power called the Male Power Front Ring Sling for over 8 years and it’s always been a best seller.

Well, I’m going to do my part by featuring mankinis in video as a regular series. Granted, many of them are silly joke videos but look beyond the joke to find some sexy guys parading around in very little coverage with the mankini highlighting their bulge and ass.

This first mankini video is of some cute guys carrying on up and down the beach in Cancun, Mexico. Although not lime green, they are in florescent pink and orange, and they do look like they’re having a ton of fun!

A Hot Day’s Night is about as hot as it gets

A Hot Day's Night from Arteo Photo on Vimeo.

For this underwear fanatic, Director Arteo Photo’s Vimeo video A Hot Day’s Night is about as hot as it gets. Seriously, in my perfect world, this is how all porn should start (and even finish) as the slow undressing, two changes of underwear and what you feel is a glimpse into model Davide Allena’s life with a sexuality that feels almost accidental.

Arteo Photo is asking for feedback over on his Vimeo page in the comment section for encouragement to make part 2 of the video, so you know what to do…

Underwear included in video: Tezenis Brief and 2(x)ist Brief

Underwear and Muscle: Travis H in Boxer Briefs (Video)

TRAVIS H PHOTO SHOOT 2015 2 from on Vimeo.

Video of Pumping Muscle model Travis H in his grey boxer briefs.

Pumping Muscle is a website devoted to hot guys and body building who post their videos on Vimeo. The video teasers like the one above are free but you have to pay for the full-length videos which are usually over an hour long. I expect if you’re into bodybuilding or fascinated with guys who devote themselves to their bodies then the $20+ dollar fee to “rent” the full-length video for 30 days is worth it, but for the casual viewer like me, it seems a bit steep in price. Luckily, the teaser videos have tons of great content of their models usually in their underwear or shorts working out, and this is one of them.

The model’s name is Travis H and if you want to see more of their models, simply visit Pumping Muscle Vimeo Page.

Ill Fitting Briefs are Sexy Because They’re Ill Fitting (Video)

miguel andres white briefs

Miguel Andrés is a self described “Human being, performer and visual artist” and this is probably one of his more tame videos but for obvious reasons is one of my favorites. In most cases I would not like ill fitting underwear but in this case it’s what makes the video so enticing. Miguel’s plain white briefs are too big combined with his bulge they’re loose at the leg giving you a delicious tease. You don’t get to fully see his package, but if you really want to, check out Miguel Andrés’ other videos – just be warned, he gets pretty graphic in some (another plus in my book!) He fascinated me. Being Spanish doesn’t hurt.

Click the link below for the video:

Obverse (Unfinished) from Miguel Andrés on Vimeo.

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: Undie Guy (video)

As countless other fans, I’ve been following the totally sexy Undie Guy doing his in-depth, honest and totally sexy underwear video reviews for a long time. I’ve watched the videos go from completely g-rated to the occasional tease to a whole lot of teasing and as much as I prefer the teasing as it’s so related to what my underwear fetish is all about I wanted more. When he finally tweeted the arrival of a whole bunch of new underwear from Sukrew I knew what was heading my way as Sukrew’s full-frontal U Briefs are what put them on the map. I checked my Vimeo feed daily and then finally, about a week later all my prayers were answered. Undie Guy posted his full uncensored review of his new Sukrew gear. Wow! From head to toe, he’s got everything going on. Here’s the video:

Sukrew Underwear Vid Review July 2016 from Undie Guy on Vimeo.

I’d like to say, there are a number of other underwear reviewers out there, but none as good as Undie Guy. Sure, the visuals are important, but he goes the extra mile talking about fit, fabric, cut plus he also includes lots of close-ups.

Great job, Undie Guy! Can’t wait for you next review.


Video: Fitting In in Rio

I’m posting this not because I agree with so much of it, but mostly because there’s lots of hot Brazilian guys in skimpy swimsuits. The premise is some British couple wants to fit in when they go to Rio and so he’s willing to wear some skimpy sunga. I say good for him. However here’s my issues with the video:

1. I know this is a culture thing, but apparently too skimpy and/or light color or white speedo style swimwear is frowned upon. They say it’s all about being proud of their bodies so if some guys feels good in something skimpy and white then let them be. Plus, I’ll be the first to applaud when said white swimwear goes all see-through when wet.

2. The girlfriend is a bitch. Talk about sexism and body shaming. She complains that you can see his bulge and they’re too revealing but I bet she has no issues wearing a skimpy bikini when at the beach. The truth is the guy is cute, has a decent body and doesn’t look to bad in that sunga. Sure he could have chose a better color to compliment his milky white skin but other than that, looks mighty fine to me.


Bryan Hawn Swimwear Collection (and Adele)

So Bryan Hawn calls it a parody video, but I don’t think it’s funny at all, in fact this is one freakn’ hot video with a freakn’ hot guy with the real deal (both front and back) stuffed into various speedo style swimsuits. And as a bonus, you get to hear Adele’s Hello as background music (and possible cover up the sounds of your drool hitting the ground while you watch it).

From Bryan Hawn’s very brief YouTube bio, he calls himself a “Recording Artist; Zoologist; Fitness Icon”. If you want to check out more of Bryan (and I”m sure you will) check out the Bryan Hawn Tumblr Page


Domenico’s Got Talent (and very nice bulge)

I think I’m watching the wrong __________’s Got Talent. Just stumbled across a clip from Belgium’s talent show and low and behold, a gorgeous gymnast in a simple white bikini brief or speedo that shows off his bulge and bum to perfection. The video is in high-def for your viewing pleasure. The guy is stunning and such a talented gymnast. Can think of many ways to put that tight body and flexibility to good use.

Bekijk meer video’s van Belgium\’s Got Talent op

My New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution is simple, to get fit or at the least, surround me with guys like this getting fit (more likely the latter). This guy is pretty spectacular working on his balance in the most simple and spectacular pair of white bikinis.

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You may want a body like Brad Pitt, or the athletic curves and moves of a Lara Croft, but let’s get real for a minute. If you are 50lbs overweight and give yourself five weeks to get ripped abs or tight buns, you are quite simply setting yourself up for failure. And with failure comes disappointment, derailment, and a gradual (or swift) regression back to your comfort zone of bad habits and easy self-gratification, and start working out and focus on the goals, using fitness training and supplements such as andarine that really help with physical performance.

Pick a goal that you know in your heart of hearts you can really achieve. And a word to the wise, if you truly believe you can do it, then absolutely you should dare to dream! I work with people who one day dreamed of becoming Victoria’s Secrets girls, and now they really are – without that aim, and a tonne of hard work, they would never have achieved their goals.