hunk in a 2xist y-back thong

This is my first post on Powermen, but if you follow this blog then you’ve seen guys from their other site Musclehunks and if you’re familiar with that site, then you’ll be familiar with the format of Powermen as they have the same style layout and use the same types of big handsome muscled men often of European descent.

Like many of the Powermen models, Spike’s got a great body, handsome face, and an ass of death which looks great in a 2(x)ist Y-back thong (which you see a lot of on Powermen and Musclehunks)

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guy in a thong

I know many underwear fanatics are divided into either “butch” (and i use that loosely) underwear like white briefs, jockstraps and boxerbriefs or erotic and skimpy style underwear like g-strings, thongs and those crazy things that koalaswim.com creates.

But tell me that these 205 seconds of this hot muscle guy in his thong wouldn’t make an admirer out of any steadfast tighty whitey wearer with his big bounce-a-quarter-off-of-them firm ass cheeks completely hiding the string in the back. Why would anyone want to cover that ass with a brief back?

Just curious – Is there anyone else like me that likes all underwear and swimwear styles equally?

Watch the video here:


muscle hunk changing his underwear

When you see a video like this on MuscleWorship you really have to wonder if the site really is about Muscle men and guys who worship them when you see this video and the whole thing is about this stunning nameless guy (with a phenomenal body) who changes into and out of underwear three times. Sure he stops to flex his muscles and admire them in the mirror, but the focus is the underwear and his constant stuffing and adjusting of his very nice uncut dick (with lots of excess skin to nibble on!) into his undies.

muscle hunk changing his underwear

There’s lots more of this beautiful man after the “continue” link ahead:

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