Celebrity Underwear: Stuart Reardon

Stuart Reardon in Dolce & Gabbana Underwear

First up of our Celebrity Underwear series and what a way to start: Stuart Reardon is a professional rugby player, English fitness model, he’s outspoken about gay rights and he looks damn fine in his underwear, and luckily for us, he’s been pretty prolific when it comes to underwear modeling, he’s all over the place. So much so, it was hard to choose which photos to feature here. Maybe I’ll just have to do a Stuart Reardon part II. For now, enjoy this first bunch…

Stuart Reardon in white underwear

Stuart Reardon in black brief

Stuart Reardon in compression pants

Stuart Reardon in white Calvin Klein Boxerbrief

Stuart Reardon in white Hugo Boss slip

Stuart Reardon in Adidas Swimsuit

Stuart Reardon in Ralph Lauren Brief

Stuart Reardon in white slip

Stuart Reardon in Todger Underwear

Instagrammed Undies: Stefano Foster

I have to come clean: Stefano was one of of original models at Jockstrap Central and one of my personal favorite models and although he left us (Toronto) to head for England, I still follow his career. Hopefully one day he’ll come back to Toronto and I’ll be able to work with him again. In the mean time, here’s some of Instagram photos that focus on underwear.

@jpharrowportraits #model #underwearmodel http://www.modelmayhem.com/1522059 @armani @nikesportswear

A photo posted by stefano Foster (@stefanofoster) on

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A photo posted by stefano Foster (@stefanofoster) on

#armaniunderwear #armani #emporioarmani #malemodel #underwearmodel

A photo posted by stefano Foster (@stefanofoster) on

For LOTS more…. Click Here for Stefano Foster’s Instagram

Video: Fitting In in Rio

I’m posting this not because I agree with so much of it, but mostly because there’s lots of hot Brazilian guys in skimpy swimsuits. The premise is some British couple wants to fit in when they go to Rio and so he’s willing to wear some skimpy sunga. I say good for him. However here’s my issues with the video:

1. I know this is a culture thing, but apparently too skimpy and/or light color or white speedo style swimwear is frowned upon. They say it’s all about being proud of their bodies so if some guys feels good in something skimpy and white then let them be. Plus, I’ll be the first to applaud when said white swimwear goes all see-through when wet.

2. The girlfriend is a bitch. Talk about sexism and body shaming. She complains that you can see his bulge and they’re too revealing but I bet she has no issues wearing a skimpy bikini when at the beach. The truth is the guy is cute, has a decent body and doesn’t look to bad in that sunga. Sure he could have chose a better color to compliment his milky white skin but other than that, looks mighty fine to me.


Look Down there – hot underwear and swimwear video reviews

H2O 2wink wet swimwear review from rio on Vimeo.

Just came across (yes, I had to wipe off my screen) this new-to-me blogger who’s doing reviews of underwear. I have a few guys I regularly follow who are doing reviews, but this one really got my attention as although the reviews are not in your face revealing, the guy is nearing the line and the result is one of the hottest teasing underwear review videos out there. You can’t see the guys face, but he’s got an awesome body and the perfect “down there” to show off all the gear he’s reviewing.

Here’s a sample. It’s the third in a series reviewing some 2wink swimwear but my favorite as he’s reviewing it wet (and slightly see-through). Be sure to check out his Down There Blog and his Vimeo page where he hosts the videos for the blog.

Bryan Hawn Swimwear Collection (and Adele)

So Bryan Hawn calls it a parody video, but I don’t think it’s funny at all, in fact this is one freakn’ hot video with a freakn’ hot guy with the real deal (both front and back) stuffed into various speedo style swimsuits. And as a bonus, you get to hear Adele’s Hello as background music (and possible cover up the sounds of your drool hitting the ground while you watch it).

From Bryan Hawn’s very brief YouTube bio, he calls himself a “Recording Artist; Zoologist; Fitness Icon”. If you want to check out more of Bryan (and I”m sure you will) check out the Bryan Hawn Tumblr Page



Raw Studio Swim Jocks

Raw Studio Swim Jocks
Raw Studio Swim Jocks


Just in time for the resort and cruise season: Bare your best assets with a Raw Studio Swim Jock. Sure, they may not fly on your average public beach, but you’re sure to be the center of attention when you hit the pool, gay cruise deck, specialty resort or clothing optional beach in these new jockstraps designed as swimwear.

Just like Raw Studio’s other creations, these swim jocks are all hand crafted, expertly constructed and use only the highest quality fabrics. And speaking of fabric, it’s the Extra Life Lycra used in these jocks that make them stand out. This Lycra lasts five to ten times longer in chlorinated environments, retains it’s color and provides high UV protection making them perfect to stand up to chlorinated pools and the scorching hot sun.

This swim jockstrap is finished off with Raw Studio‘s signature one and one quarter inch two-toned elastic comfort waistband and three quarter inch leg straps.

Not brave enough to wear a jock to the pool? Not to worry, these awesome looking jockstraps are ideal as a regular fashion jocks and can be worn as every day underwear. With their stylish look, slinky soft lycra, four way stretch and contoured pouch design you simply can’t go wrong.

These new swim jocks are available in either solid blue, black or grey or if you want to turn it up a notch, choose the two-toned deco patterned ones in either red-orange and white or black and white. As always, Raw Studio is exclusively avails online at Jockstrap Central.


Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock

Raw Studio Swim Jock


black white speedo

First he shows up on UKNakedMen, now he’s turning up all over their sister (older brother would be more appropriate) site Butch Dixon. In this early part of the photoset, Ben strips out of his Tshirt and jeans to reveal what looks like a John Falocco speedo style swimsuit. I can’t be sure of the brand, but regardless it’s a hot black and white suit.

black white speedo

Butch Dixon is an adult site, so it’s no suprise that Ben eventually ditches the speedo, but like many of Butch Dixon shoots, underwear and swimwear is well represented.

As I said, Ben appears on both site in both photos and videos and he’s got a new video with a hot older daddy type coming out later this month.

black white speedo

black white speedo

black white speedo

Butch Dixon is the latest website creation from UKNakedMen. Like their founding site, this new site is also first class. The biggest difference between the two, is the guys on Butch Dixon are all a bit more mature and it features mostly hairy whereas you’ll find some older hairy guys on UKNakedMen but you’ll also find younger smooth ones as well. On both sites, you’ll find some of the best photo and video content out there. The sites are both well laid out and the quality of both sites is exceptional.


Flickr Friday XXV

The summer sun is certainly getting us down to single items of clothing wherever we are…. ‘themaleman’ is on the beach;


while ‘inc($)ense again’ is trying to keep cool at work;


Let’s just hope that for those of us having to commute into work this summer we get to enjoy the same views as ‘Sub Train Ian’!

Sub Train Ian 13a

Flickr Friday XXIII

Amateur guys on Flickr still provide us with some great photos to enjoy. This week we have a couple from John D McKenna who is enjoying the sun in some nice white Speedos (click on pic to view associated flickr photostream);


and later in the day changed into some nice camo briefs (great legs, nice fur!);


…we do like a man who clearly takes care of his feet (and inches 🙂 ).