Cellblock 13 Arsenal and Apex gear featuring Andrew and Chance

Cellblock 13 Arsenal and Apex Jocks, Trunks, Harnesses and Socks

Phew! After two back to back photo shoots with our models Andrew and Chance and a week’s worth of editing, Jockstrap Central’s official and uncensored photos of the latest Cellblock 13 gear have finally launched. Sure we could use the manufacturer supplied photos, but they simply aren’t good enough. We provide more shots, more details and we embrace the sexual nature of all the gear we’ve handpicked for our website and for our customers and fans. Cellblock 13’s creations are unreal. Insane is the detailing and style that they include for the cost. Any other brand would be charging double as much.

Here’s the details in case you want a good read or simply visit the Jockstrap Central website to view the hundreds of photos associated with these hot new collections:


Be prepared for anything. The all new Cellblock 13 Arsenal Gear is here, consisting of a jockstrap, a hot fetish trunk, harness and matching socks. With the included snap-off pouches, cock grasping Jock Armour silicone cock rings and functional zipper in the rear of the shorts – you’ll be ready for any action heading your way. It’s all made with a slick perforated neoprene with highlights in your favorite fetish colors – blue, red, grey and new for this collection – a stunning purple!

Both the jockstrap and trunk both include the body hugging, cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour silicone cock ring and both have a handy snap-off pouch made with the black perforated rubber complete with contrasting racing stripes and piping in either blue, purple, red or grey. The trunk is constructed with a combination of second-skin nylon/spandex and perforated rubber panels with a fully functional zipper in the rear. Whether you’re a bottom, top or anywhere in between, these jocks and trunks are going to get you laid.

The Arsenal harness is pretty versatile: it’s a stand alone harness with straps that run down your chest with black metal swivel hooks at the end. You can either attach them to the matching Arsenal Jockstrap or Arsenal Fetish Trunk or you can hook them up to any other CB13 Jock or short with D rings or you can hook them up to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. Fully adjustable in length by a series of black metal snaps. The back is a series of panels in rubber and nylon/spandex running above your shoulder blades with CB13 logo in the middle.

Complete your Arsenal gear with the almost knee-high future fetish Arsenal sports socks – they are super comfortable and perfect at the gym, in the bedroom or will turn heads at your next fetish party. Made with a high quality Cotton-Poly-Spandex you’re going to love. They end just below the knee so they show well above your boots or high tops with Cellblock 13 down the outer leg. If you’ve been drinking, they even include a handy L and R incorporated into the unique design so you know which sock goes on which foot!

Cellblock 13 Arsenal and Apex Jocks, Trunks, Harnesses and Socks


Cellblock 13 is giving you lots of options. Along with the Arsenal Gear, they’ve also come out with the all new Cellblock 13 Apex Harness. You can wear this harness on it’s own or pair it up with any of the Arsenal jocks, trunks and socks. This one is completely stand alone and doesn’t require D rings or belt loops to hook it up.

The Apex Harness is made out of high quality polyester, perforated polyurethane, nylon and spandex with your favorite fetish colors as piping details.

In front, a horizontal cross piece and diagonal end panels in perforated rubber frame your chest to perfection. In back, more panels join a black metal ring right between your shoulder blades. It’s all edged in contrasting piping and backed with a super-stretch nylon-spandex.

It is form fitting as these great fabrics together allow for great flexibility and elasticity.


Celebrity Underwear: Stuart Reardon

Stuart Reardon in Dolce & Gabbana Underwear

First up of our Celebrity Underwear series and what a way to start: Stuart Reardon is a professional rugby player, English fitness model, he’s outspoken about gay rights and he looks damn fine in his underwear, and luckily for us, he’s been pretty prolific when it comes to underwear modeling, he’s all over the place. So much so, it was hard to choose which photos to feature here. Maybe I’ll just have to do a Stuart Reardon part II. For now, enjoy this first bunch…

Stuart Reardon in white underwear

Stuart Reardon in black brief

Stuart Reardon in compression pants

Stuart Reardon in white Calvin Klein Boxerbrief

Stuart Reardon in white Hugo Boss slip

Stuart Reardon in Adidas Swimsuit

Stuart Reardon in Ralph Lauren Brief

Stuart Reardon in white slip

Stuart Reardon in Todger Underwear

Mundo Mais Men: Tallen

Mundo Mais Brazilian Model Tallen

Mundo Mais Brazilian Model Tallen

Always a resource for hot Brazilian guys in underwear, Mundo Mais is gay website in Portuguese. Luckily you don’t have to understand the language to appreciate all their sexy men. This month’s guy is called Tallen. Apparently he’s been on the website before but not this exposed. He’s 30 and a Virgo, a bodybuilder and part time model.

As with all the Mundo Mais men, the g-rated photos are available to everyone but to see the naked photos and videos (solo and duo) then you need to get a membership. I have had a membership and it was well worth the inexpensive cost but my favorite photos (the underwear ones) are all free.

Enjoy Tallen’s photos and be sure to check out the full Mundo Mais Garoto section for lots more Brazilian men.


Mundo Mais Brazilian Model Tallen

Mundo Mais Brazilian Model Tallen

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Muscle God Travis Working Out in Deliciously Tight Boxerbreifs

TRAVIS H PHOTO SHOOT 2015 2 from PumpingMuscle.com on Vimeo.



So here’s the scoop, Pumping Muscle has been producing these incredible videos featuring some of the sexiest bodybuilders I’ve ever seen. Each video is a full feature video of one model and run between an hour to sometimes over 2 hours. They are stunning and in full HD (over on Vimeo). Now i’m not sure who they’re marketing these videos but personally find $20 to “rent” just one of these video for 30 days to be a bit much but I imagine they would appeal to serious bodybuilders and they are glorious, long-running and in true HD. Luckily for this mens underwear enthusiast, they post preview videos on Vimeo which often feature each model in his underwear so I”m happy. This is one of those previews.

In this preview video, you’ll find incredibly handsome Travis working out in an unidentifiable but wonderfully tight tight boxerbriefs which shows off his muscled ass and hefty bulge to perfection.

Be sure to view the video on Vimeo for a full HD version of the preview.



Black Fitted Trunks

In my mind, Felix Koval is the epitome of UkNakedMen – while not your typical porn star with your typical porn star body, he’s got a unique look that I find so refreshing and terribly hot. UKNakedMen are great at styling, matching models with underwear that suit them to a T. Looking at Felix Koval in those black fitted trunks, I can’t imagine him wearing anything else. They’re stylish yet unpretentious and completely approachable – just like Felix.

Black Fitted Trunks

As you probably know, UKNakedMen is a gay porn site (and a very good one at that) so I probably don’t have to tell you that this is just a small part of the Felix’s full gallery where he ditches the undies and shows us Felix from top to bottom along with every nook and cranny, but you’ll have to visit UKNakedMen for the rest.

Black Fitted Trunks

Black Fitted Trunks

Black Fitted Trunks

Black Fitted Trunks

If you like mostly uncut British guys with a few European ones thrown in for good measure and a site that updates regularly with some of the highest quality photos and videos on a gay porn site, then you will want to check out UKNakedMen. These guys are not your typical American jocks and studs, but real guys of all ages, looks and backgrounds.


Vintage Gold!

Roller Rink Underwear Party?  Why the heck not!
Roller Rink Underwear Party? Why the heck not!

With ever changing styles, brands and innovation we have seen the world of Men’s underwear make some drastic changes. They have become streamlined, contoured and the aesthetic has also changed dramatically. Lets take a brief (pun intended) look at some of this weeks Vintage Underwear Gold.

Who's getting into your Skimpy's?
Who’s getting into your Skimpy’s?
Underwear beach party goodness.  The Charlies Angles of the Men's catalog.
Underwear beach party goodness. The Charlies Angles of the Men’s catalog.
Mesh and Fur...but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.
Mesh and Fur…but the Mustache is the perfect accessory for these risque wearable.

Modus Vivendi – Nautical and Naughty.

modusvivendi_navy_line_conseptual_hr_logo (1) copy

Modus Vivendi’s Navy line is striking in every detail.

Designer Christos Bibitsos’s inspiration is both nautical and naughty, with distinct sleek lines, unique shape and vibrant color, this modern take on the classic takes a bold new step reinventing the look of men’s underwear.

Taking the traditional and spinning it with style, looks like the classic Langot and Sumo are reimagined, modernized and stylish, while keeping to their roots. The Navy Brief is cutting edge, full of carefully thought out detailing making it distinctive, dynamic and eye catching.

As their name suggests it’s not just about looks…it is a way of life.

modusvivendi_navy_line_conseptual_hr_logo (4) copy

modusvivendi_navy_line_conseptual_hr_logo (5) copy


Guy Richie is back making promo videos for David Beckham’s H+M range of underwear. His latest advert appears to be loosely based on the 1992 Tarsem Singh advert for Levi jeans, which followed a handsome young man stripping to his jeans as he cut across the back gardens of American suburbia; which in turn was influenced by the previous 1968 film ‘The Swimmer’ featuring Burt Lancaster.

In this case Richie has completely removed the jeans from the equation and adds Mr Beckham (the envy of str8 men and the popular fantasy of gays) in one of his range of H+M boxers. In one sequence Mr Richie thoughtfully places his camera squarely in front of our footballing hero’s groin as he sprints towards it – for a couple of delicious seconds you can watch the Beckham love spuds jiggle….. (00:36 – 00:38). A compulsory pool sequence gets him nice and wet but is shot from a side view. But panic not, you do get to see David in wet underwear although only for a ‘brief’ second as he emerges at the other end of the pool.

Oh to be a passenger on that tourist bus.


Felipe who??
He was the Mexican candidate in 2011 for the male beauty pageant ‘Mr International’ and was surrounded by a bit of controversy at the time when photos were released showing him with another man… (really? is that STILL such an issue?). This year the pageant is hosted in Bangkok and takes place on November 24th, but we digress… Felipe is often seen modelling underwear and swimwear, and to that end here is some behind the scenes footage of a recent photoshoot in which he shows off some Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein underwear. He don’t smile much (but then you wont be concentrating on his face much we are guessing).

And wouldn’t you know, he even has his own website >> FELIPEMELENDEZ.COM

From his photogallery we particularly liked the lighting in this one:


He first caused a blip on this blog’s radar a while back when he was chosen to represent the new Mack Weldon brand…. but he has, of course, done a lot of work prior to that. With those rakish good looks, blue eyes and infectious smile who wouldn’t want him to model their stuff? Here then, after a little digging, is Mike Sharits from last year’s H&M campaign showing us his bulging bits.