Sexy When Wet Part 3

Wet Calvin Klein Brief

As much as I love all underwear styles, sometimes there’s nothing sexier than plain white underwear, whether it’s a Jockey or a Calvin Klein Brief (like in the photo)… Except when said white underwear is wet. Let’s explore that concept. I can pretty well guarantee this images will cause a stirring in your nether region.

In this photos it’s a pair of wet Calvin Klein Briefs

Celebrity Underwear: Stuart Reardon

Stuart Reardon in Dolce & Gabbana Underwear

First up of our Celebrity Underwear series and what a way to start: Stuart Reardon is a professional rugby player, English fitness model, he’s outspoken about gay rights and he looks damn fine in his underwear, and luckily for us, he’s been pretty prolific when it comes to underwear modeling, he’s all over the place. So much so, it was hard to choose which photos to feature here. Maybe I’ll just have to do a Stuart Reardon part II. For now, enjoy this first bunch…

Stuart Reardon in white underwear

Stuart Reardon in black brief

Stuart Reardon in compression pants

Stuart Reardon in white Calvin Klein Boxerbrief

Stuart Reardon in white Hugo Boss slip

Stuart Reardon in Adidas Swimsuit

Stuart Reardon in Ralph Lauren Brief

Stuart Reardon in white slip

Stuart Reardon in Todger Underwear


calvin klein briefs

Duke may look a bit down, but seeing him in those sharp retro Calvin Klein briefs sure lifts me up (in more than one way) – Duke’s the latest model on Butch Dixon and he fit’s into their roster of older hunky guys perfectly. Although many of their guys are hairy, Duke isn’t, but he’s sure got the butch thing going on with his beefy build and impressive (uncut) package stuffed into those CKs.

big older guy in ck briefs

I love the way the guys at Butch Dixon have coordinated his briefs with Duke’s tattoos. That’s the attention to detail that sets Butch Dixon apart from all the rest. As you can see from these sample photos, you won’t find clearer photos anywhere, and don’t be fooled by these posted photos as I had to shrink them down drastically to make them fit the format of this blog. The full photoset is 6 pages of huge photos that are crystal clear and expertly lit.

blue y-front briefs

hunky guy in calvin klein briefs

calvin klein briefs

Butch Dixon is the latest website creation from UKNakedMen. Like their founding site, this new site is also first class. The biggest difference between the two, is the guys on Butch Dixon are all a bit more mature and it features mostly hairy whereas you’ll find some older hairy guys on UKNakedMen but you’ll also find younger smooth ones as well. On both sites, you’ll find some of the best photo and video content out there. The sites are both well laid out and the quality of both sites is exceptional.


Underwear Funbox – Leonardo Corredor

Leonardo Corredor Photography Guys in Underwear
Leonardo Corredor Photography Guys in Underwear

Sometimes underwear is taken too seriously. Not photographer Leonardo Corredor in his Funbox series. It’s some of the most refreshing underwear photography I’ve seen in a long time: The styling is awesome, stark yet with bursts of brilliant color capturing the playfulness of his models and how they feel in the various styles of underwear. I would imagine his start as a model has given him a unique insight when he finally made the move from in front the front to behind the camera.

This is just a sampling, be sure to visit Leonardo Corredor’s photography website for more of the Funbox series of men’s unerwear and more.

Here’s a bit of background from his about section:

Leonardo Corredor was born in Arkansas in 1989 and raised in Merida, Venezuela. At the age of 13 he found much success in an award winning vocal group which took him around the world and afforded him many great experiences. After a successful music career he entered the Mister Venezuela contest and won at only 18 years old. He was a natural behind the camera and quickly became a well-known face on billboards and in fashion magazines. After seeing so much at a young age, he wanted to set his sights higher and set off for the USA. He was quickly signed by the world renowned Wilhelmina agency where he began working as a fashion model immediately in Miami, LA and New York. With his first year in the USA being a great success, he set off for Asia and Europe where he spent one year developing his portfolio as a model and learning the industry inside and out. During his time there, Leo found his passion for photography. He started shooting the local sights and people, honing his skills before venturing into fashion. After returning to the United States he signed with the hispanic network Telemundo to host his own television show but it didn’t take long to realize that TV wasn’t his passion. Since finishing his show, Leo has devoted all his time to photography.



Felipe who??
He was the Mexican candidate in 2011 for the male beauty pageant ‘Mr International’ and was surrounded by a bit of controversy at the time when photos were released showing him with another man… (really? is that STILL such an issue?). This year the pageant is hosted in Bangkok and takes place on November 24th, but we digress… Felipe is often seen modelling underwear and swimwear, and to that end here is some behind the scenes footage of a recent photoshoot in which he shows off some Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein underwear. He don’t smile much (but then you wont be concentrating on his face much we are guessing).

And wouldn’t you know, he even has his own website >> FELIPEMELENDEZ.COM

From his photogallery we particularly liked the lighting in this one:

HAPPY 30th CKU!!

Yep, it really is 30 years since the launch of the Calvin Klein Underwear brand. Formed in 1982 it proceeded to change the way the world viewed, and bought, men’s underwear. Once a utilitarian product, men’s underwear suddenly became an object of desire. New advertising campaigns communicated the message of the updated, sexy designer sensibility that distinguished Calvin Klein Underwear from all others.

To mark the occasion we have assembled a few pics from the archive of some horny young men that began selling the brand on the Iberian peninsula a few years back from their site at GayKitLad.Com (sadly long-since closed). We have followed their steady growth (in a non-stalking way) primarily within the Spanish underwear market and always loved the way they test drove their products in front of the camera. It’s unfortunate that even though they now pack even more brands into their stockroom it does mean they tend to do less posing.

We hope you enjoy the following gallery of pics taken from their history of trading over the years.

With a special thank-you to Andy, Billy, Alejandro and the current team at www.UnderwearTrader.Com for promoting the CK brand and providing such quality ‘eye candy’ for our community.


Yes, it really was 21 years ago that Rapper Marky Mark (Wahlberg) took to dropping his pants during a performance of his dance hit and 90s cheerleading anthem “Good Vibrations,” to reveal his Calvin Klein tighty whities.

That pivotal moment in underwear history gave him the opportunity to model for the company and launch the, now almost ubiquitous, tight boxer briefs among the male populace. Well he is back in his skivvies on the set of his new comedy movie ‘Pain and Gain’ proving he can still pack a pair admirably.

Thank-you Mr Wahlberg for helping change attitudes to underwear design and making mens skivvies that much more interesting.


Guys with iPhones in Underwear

If you’ve been living in a cave the you’re excused from not knowing about Guys With IPhones – it’s gone from a startup site to a huge success is no time. The concept is simple – guys post photos of themselves taken with their iphones. The photos range from guys fully clothed to start naked. Of course underwear is smack dab in the middle of that range and there’s lots of sightings so I’ve picked out a few of my recent favorites to post here. Enjoy:

Guys with iPhones in Underwear

Guys with iPhones in Underwear

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Australian guy in red Calvin Klein briefs

Although most of the guys on Muscle Teens are not really teens but more likely in the early twenties, but they are younger than the guys on their sister site Athletic Star. Make no mistake, this isn’t a porn site and although there is some nudity it’s really about men and their incredible physiques and feature the guys mostly in underwear and swimwear – and that’s should be more than fine for us underwear enthusiasts.

Australian guy in red Calvin Klein briefs

The guys on Muscle Teens are predominantly European, but there are a few exceptions including James here in these photos – he’s from Australia and looking mighty fine hanging out by the ocean stripped down to his red Calvin Klein briefs.

Australian guy in red Calvin Klein briefs

Australian guy in red Calvin Klein briefs

James appears on Muscle Teens in 7 regular photoshoots, 2 nude photoshoots, 11 regular videos and 2 nude videos.



guys with iphones in underwear

If you’ve been living in a cave the you’re excused from not knowing about Guys With IPhones – it’s gone from a startup site to a huge success is no time. The concept is simple – guys post photos of themselves taken with their iphones. The photos range from guys fully clothed to start naked. Of course underwear is smack dab in the middle of that range and there’s lots of sightings so I’ve picked out a few of my recent favorites to post here. Enjoy:

guys with iphones in underwear

guys with iphones in underwear

guys with iphones in underwear

guys with iphones in underwear

Be sure to head over to Guys With Iphones for their daily updates of iphone porn where you can comment and discuss your favorites. It’s completely free, so what are you waiting for?



ripped white briefs

ripped white briefs

Just want to mention that these photos are all captures from Kory Gate’s video on Male Perfection.

Not sure why it took me so long to find Male Perfection as they’re right up an underwear enthusiasts alley. While not your typical porn site, there’s no doubt their “somethings are better left to the imagination” mantra makes their videos hotter than full-on porn. These are some of the most beautiful and erotic videos I’ve ever seen. The guys are stunning, the videography is moody with imagery that will make you wet with constant teasing.

Click the link below for the rest of this post and lots more photos:

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