Dare to bare your gear

What’s the point of having a drawer full of incredible undergear if no one gets to see it?

The underwear fetishist usually has two sides. The side that loves to buy gear and wear it, and the other that loves to show it off. Most of you know you can show it off here on usg-online on the message boards and you can also show it off (and have an online profile) on un-der-wear.com, but now there’s a great new destination for all you show offs:

IN YOUR SHORTS at http://www.inyourshorts.com

Pics are grouped by categories or you can sort by posters. Categories include briefs, jockstraps, shorts, free balling, and more.

Spectators also play a major roll in that they can vote and comment on the pics you see. This just encourages the posters to post more – it’s all good.