Dancing Man in Underwear

Ok, so this is probably old stuff for all you Americans, but I’m a Canadian with no Kmart (they closed up years ago in Canada!) so bare with me as I add a usg-online spin to the whole dancing guy in boxers craze.

The setup: Vaughn Lowrey comes in to audtion for a Kmart/Joe Boxers ad, drops his drawers and does a silly dance. They immediately hired him and make a video. Between the dance and the infectious music, it’s a cult phenomenon.

The guy is cute, has a great body and looks great in his boxers, and he’s received loads of exposure. According to Vaughn, he used to be a briefs man but now he’s a boxers guy – I don’t suppose he’s just touting the company line there do you? Regardless, it’s all good.

Click here for the original dancing man boxer ad

Click here for a huge clip of other ads plus his tv appearances

Click here to play the Kmart Boxer Boogie Breakdown