Hailed as ‘Spanx’ for men, the new line from Italian manufacturer D.Hedral features new ‘anglefit’ technology which has been 3 years in the making, by all accounts. From the front they look pretty good….

but it’s round the back where the interesting bit lies (wouldn’t you know 😉 )… an angled section that helps define the curve of your butt…

Now for the science bit…you select one of three available angles according to your butt type, slim – average – or full.

Allegedly this enables the brief to embraces your ass perfectly, enhancing it’s natural roundness and adding extra support in all the vital places. Each collection is available in several colorways offering more or less visual emphasis on the Y seam (depending on whether or not you wish to look like you put your Y-fronts on back-to-front). Prices from €23 – €39, international sales available. More details at their website WWW.DHEDRAL.COM

A video of the new D.Hedral marketing campaign featuring Aaron O’Connell is shown below.