Gift Ideas for Underwear Nuts

For the underwear nuts that have 200 plus pairs of underwear, here’s a few gift ideas:

Underwear Fridge Magnets

These magnets cover most styles – briefs, thongs, boxers, boxerbriefs, g-string, and even a fig leaf. Of course the manufacturers discriptions do not have the same reverence as I do – “Big-Print Boxers, Spandex Super Heroes, Tighty-Whiteys. Bottom row from lower left: Safari Sausage Sling, The Sportsman, and The Swinger” Regardless, they’re fun and a must have for the out or closeted underwear fanatic. Click here to check them out.

Bears Who Don’t Care

Like their tag line says – may be the carebears alter ego. This unshaven stuffed bear comes complete with soiled (yellow stained) tighty whities. Perfect for those guys who love to buy those used underwear on Ebay! Click here to it out

David in Underwear Magnets

Poor david gets defaced once more. Dress him up in crisp white boxers and undershirt ensemble, and he’s hotter then ever. Click here to check it out

Artwork for the Walls

If you ever thought guys in the 50’s didn’t haved options for their undergear, think again. It doesn’t get more fashionable then this. Boxers, longjohns, briefs and some other unknown contraption. At least 3 out of 4 survived the test of time. Click here to check it out