HIGHLIGHT: Vizeau “Fire Alarm swimmer brief”

I think I have one of the broadest tastes in underwear and swimwear. Many people seem to like “butch” gear like briefs, long john’s and jockstraps. Other’s like the sexy erotic gear like thongs, pouches and bikinis. What can I say – I like it all. I get equally turned on by a guy in a Jockey Y-front briefs or a guy in a outrageous Koala 3-d Pouch So bare with me in my gear highlights – if you don’t agree with my spotlighted gear, check back, as I’m sure to hit your taste soon enough.

This weeks spotlight is on Vizeau. Vizeau is by far one of my favorite swimwear designers incorporating quality and creativity in all of their work. That’s why I’m showcasing their Fire Alarm swimmer brief while it seems at first glance to be a regular speedo style swimsuit, upon closer inspection you find it’s really an illusion. This low cut suit is one to turn heads.