Glow in the dark thongs!

glo1.jpgWell Deusex was asking ‘what will they think of next?’ and it seems that this is the answer…

Yes luminescent thongs are the latest thing. Beau Carpenter, Chris Harris, and Marcus Brocato of Houston, Texas have founded the GloThong company. Their website says: “GloThong provides top-notch luminescent or “glowing” swimsuits, thongs and bras to individual customers, retailers, and distributors through our online store. Additionally, we provide the battery and Electro Luminescent Wire to other manufacturers to incorporate into their product line!”

The men’s thong seems to be a recent addition to the line. The picture doesn’t seem all that glowy, but there are other shots on their website. The blurb for the men’s one says: “An Electro Luminescent Thong with a lightweight water-resistant rechargeable battery. The charge lasts ~1-1/2 hours and a detachable plug is included for recharging. Luminescent colors of choice are green, blue, yellow and pink. Fabric colors are lime black, green, turquoise, royal blue, lipstick red, canary yellow, pure white and hot pink.”

No accounting for taste!

Disposable Underwear

What will they think of next?

As most of you know – International Jock is no longer only about Jockstraps (although they do still carry the largest line of jocks and sport gear on the net) They now carry a full range of undergear and swim gear. Browsing through their “new and unusual” gear I found this item which I just had to mention: 5-Pack Ultra Light Disposable Boxers
icon It’s just as you would imagine – they’re throw away underwear – good for a few washes and come complete with usuable fly.

I’m still racking my brain trying to figure out why I would need them, but I’m intrigued none-the-less. Maybe all the Free Ballers could carry them around in case they get into an accident and end up in hospital – or they end up shopping and want to try on a pair of pants and for the sake of hygiene they slip on a pair of these. I dunno. Or the best yet…If you just want a pair of underwear your partner could rip off you easily in the heat of passion. Any other ideas? Let me know.

Click here to check out the disposable undergear

Gregory Nalbone

This entry was initially going to be a bunch of links to model/artist portfolio pics of underwear. I got a yahoo list of model’s personal homepages and started to collect links to underwear pics….but then I hit Gregory Nalbone’s page. This model is not only incredibly hot, but he’s half naked and in undies in almost all his shots (and there’s hundreds of them!)

So…here’s a bunch of links directly to my favorite of his photos, but don’t forget to check out his full site, as there’s so much more to be seen.


Click Here For Gregory Nalbone’s Complete Site

btw – there’s a comments area below each of these posts – if you’re enjoying the posts or have something to say – please add your two cents!

a fantasy undergear fantasy

Did you ever have a fantasy about a guy in undergear but you just couldn’t find the right guy or the right pose or the right gear? Then there’s a solution – learn how to use poser – a wonderful 3d rendering engine and create your own almost lifelike men in whatever clothes you want – guaranteed to make you happy for a very long time.

Want some samples? Here’s some now…

guy in jockstrap

guy in codpiece

guy in loincloth

guy in frontcloth

…admit it – you got a hardon over these, didn’t you?

The Ultimate Bulge

Ok, this may not be an undergear highlight, but it is a “gear” highlight. These are the ultimate cock rings by Gear Essentials – the porche of cockrings – to ensure you fill out your underwear to perfection just like the professionals.

“Gear Essentials cockrings are the perfect marriage of form and function. Combining elegant, contemporary styling with striking finishes synonymous with the finest jewelry” A pefect gift idea whether it’s for your significant other or just a well deserved present for yourself.

Click here for Gear Essentials

Modeling Agencies

One of the sure fire places to find underwear on the net are modeling agencies, so that’s where I headed when I wanted to do an installment for our “sightings” section.

I googled underwear and modeling and one of the first things to pop up (besides that unmentionable thing between my legs) was

Of interest to all of us, you should check out their Nexus and Rugby sections, they’re both full of drop dead gorgeous models sporting either high couture, undergear or nothing at all.

Here’s some of the highlights of my visit (click the model names):

Brian Chase

Robert Eppich


Kevin Coppenhagen

Brian Bohannon

…pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the show

Dare to bare your gear

What’s the point of having a drawer full of incredible undergear if no one gets to see it?

The underwear fetishist usually has two sides. The side that loves to buy gear and wear it, and the other that loves to show it off. Most of you know you can show it off here on usg-online on the message boards and you can also show it off (and have an online profile) on, but now there’s a great new destination for all you show offs:


Pics are grouped by categories or you can sort by posters. Categories include briefs, jockstraps, shorts, free balling, and more.

Spectators also play a major roll in that they can vote and comment on the pics you see. This just encourages the posters to post more – it’s all good.

It’s about straight guys and their underwear.

I know, I know, we shouldn’t stereotype people, but sometimes you just have to.

The difference between gay guys and straight guys when it comes to underwear is painfully obvious. If it’s not a joke, then it’s just plain utilitarian – to keep the pee spots and tread marks away from your jeans. Don’t believe me, then check out – you’ve never seen so many unflattering saggy boxer briefs and bad patterned loose boxers in your life.

I guess all the CK marketing really is for the straight guy’s girlfriends or wives and gay guys, cuz I just don’t think it’s reaching anyone else.

Any straight guys want to prove me wrong? Send your underwear pics into me at and I’ll post them here with a full retraction.

(my apologies to all my straight friends on the boards – you look great in your gear!)

Most Unusual Gear Award

Made exclusively for International Jock, this gear is called the Balls In One Boxer. At first glance it looks like a regular boxer brief, but upon closer inspection (we can’t help ourselves, can we?) you’ll find there’s a built in mesh pouch for your balls – displayed for the world to see. The garment construction has a vertical fabric compartment that forces your dick to point upward. The manufacturer boasts “this double fly brief provides unparalleled comfort and a unique wearing experience” – whether that’s true or not, who cares, it looks kinda hot.

Click here to get a closer look.

Dancing Man in Underwear

Ok, so this is probably old stuff for all you Americans, but I’m a Canadian with no Kmart (they closed up years ago in Canada!) so bare with me as I add a usg-online spin to the whole dancing guy in boxers craze.

The setup: Vaughn Lowrey comes in to audtion for a Kmart/Joe Boxers ad, drops his drawers and does a silly dance. They immediately hired him and make a video. Between the dance and the infectious music, it’s a cult phenomenon.

The guy is cute, has a great body and looks great in his boxers, and he’s received loads of exposure. According to Vaughn, he used to be a briefs man but now he’s a boxers guy – I don’t suppose he’s just touting the company line there do you? Regardless, it’s all good.

Click here for the original dancing man boxer ad

Click here for a huge clip of other ads plus his tv appearances

Click here to play the Kmart Boxer Boogie Breakdown

Gift Ideas for Underwear Nuts

For the underwear nuts that have 200 plus pairs of underwear, here’s a few gift ideas:

Underwear Fridge Magnets

These magnets cover most styles – briefs, thongs, boxers, boxerbriefs, g-string, and even a fig leaf. Of course the manufacturers discriptions do not have the same reverence as I do – “Big-Print Boxers, Spandex Super Heroes, Tighty-Whiteys. Bottom row from lower left: Safari Sausage Sling, The Sportsman, and The Swinger” Regardless, they’re fun and a must have for the out or closeted underwear fanatic. Click here to check them out.

Bears Who Don’t Care

Like their tag line says – may be the carebears alter ego. This unshaven stuffed bear comes complete with soiled (yellow stained) tighty whities. Perfect for those guys who love to buy those used underwear on Ebay! Click here to it out

David in Underwear Magnets

Poor david gets defaced once more. Dress him up in crisp white boxers and undershirt ensemble, and he’s hotter then ever. Click here to check it out

Artwork for the Walls

If you ever thought guys in the 50’s didn’t haved options for their undergear, think again. It doesn’t get more fashionable then this. Boxers, longjohns, briefs and some other unknown contraption. At least 3 out of 4 survived the test of time. Click here to check it out

Underwear in Public Not Indecent, Court Says

Wearing underwear and nothing else in public does not constitute indecency a Massachusetts court declared on Thursday as it tossed out charges against six animal rights protesters.

Well, what are you underwear nuts waiting for? To all USG’s American friends, this is your cue to drop your pants in public. Show the world what’s underneath. And don’t forget…I want photos. Send them to me at and I’ll post them here.