No More Stinky Pants

This is a very interesting concept that sounds like it may just work. By weaving silver or something into the fabric, bacteria wouldn’t breed and Voila! NO smell.

Hmm…just imagine, now underwear will no longer be stiff with crusty piss stains, it’ll just come that way sans-smell. I do know that this concept will not work for a lot of guys on and – the smeall is half the turn-on – hence the tasty photo on over there. But for guys who are smell conscious and washing maching phobic then this is for you.

Artificial Flavor Isn’t a Bad Thing…

…when it comes to underwear. This new in-your-face underwear company is certainly not being shy with it’s vibrant new colored underwear that stylish, modern and still with a retro feel. This is certainly a nice change for most of the white, black and grey gear that normally comes out of the States.

In their press release they make a bold statemnt:

“We started this company because the existing choices for men’s underwear tend to be very limited and to be frank, are quite stale,”

I have a bit of an issue with that, as it dismissed the great colorful work of North American designers Go Softwear and N2N who are not afraid of color. Looking across the oceans, try to tell me that companies like Olaf Benz, AussieBum, DT Jocks and many many more are colorless and boring? They’ve been boldly going where underwear hasn’t been before for years!

Regardless, it’s refreshing to see a new North American designer working with great style and color – I think they’ll do well!

Check out Artificial Flavor Here

Retro Alert

With the latest trend of retro undergear it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. You can’t really say that about AussieBum though, as they were one of the companies to start the trend with it’s reverse contrasting y-front briefs in baby blue and grey. Well, they’re now taking it up a notch with the latest offering – Pink!!! My only question is – are you man enough?

You can pick up these pink y-fronts at internationalJock along with their new army green color.

If you want more retro stuff, check out Ginch Gonch also available at InternationalJock.

I Bet You A Speedo!

From this site:

“DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA and US sports pundit pal JOHN SALLEY have come up with a sexy bet on the outcome of the NBA basketball championships.

The actress has agreed to appear on Salley’s BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD programme wearing just a bikini if her beloved SAN ANTONIO SPURS lose game seven of the series tomorrow (23JUN05), while Salley has agreed to appear on Desperate Housewives wearing only Speedo swimming trunks if the DETROIT PISTONS lose.

The NBA Finals, between the two teams, are tied at 3-3.
23/06/2005 09:41”

Now I’m not into sport, but I know who I’m betting for – GO PISTONS GO!

The Opposite of Me

Here’s a reality check for all the fans of usg-online (myself included) – this is the way the “other side” thinks about their underwear.

Now being from Canada, I’m well aware of the selection of underwear at The Bay, and it’s nothing to write home about. It’s your standard Calvin’s, 2(x)ist, Jockey and if you’re lucky you can find a PB Pour Lui (they are Canadian after all!) and there’s always a few no-name 3 pack ugly patterned bikini briefs – which is the only thing I can figure that guy walked out of the bay with. What a let down that would be if he was my date.

Collectors of All Things Underwear

kangaroo_underwear.jpgAnother great gift idea for your favorite underwear nut (or for yourself) This amazing vintage French poster is for a new line of pouch (fly?) underwear.

What’s interesting is to see that the “fly” style briefs while becoming hugely popular in the States never did take off in France where the major style tends to be the flyless slip. Maybe it’s the marketing – I’m not sure seeing a kangaroo with what looks to be a quite sizable bulge is a turn on, in fact it’s kind of creepy!

Kangourou, Slip Masculin; Men’s Underwear!

Undergear launches new “Flawless” range

undergear pic for blog.jpgHot off the press, here is news of a new range from – the Flawless Mesh Collection.

The blurb in their online Newsletter says “Tired of tucking in your boxers? Seeing the outline of briefs underneath your pants? Feeling a bit constrained?

“Extremely sexy, incredibly comfortable and exclusively ours, the FLAWLESS MESH COLLECTION is so fitted that it disappears beneath your clothing. Perfect under even the tightest pants.”

There’s a tank top, a bikini, a thong (lined pouch, sadly!) and a boxer brief described as “so soft, so sheer you’ll feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all”. They are low-rise as well!

They come in lots of colours and there’s a note saying that they are European fit i.e. you might want to order one size bigger than you usually do. This seems to be a trend, doesn’t it?

They look pretty good to me….

Click here to go direct to the Flawless page on the Undergear site.

2 surveys from, er, Down Under

Another offering from your antipodean correspondent – but hopefully it will be of interest to all…

I saw the results of two surveys that have been done here in New Zealand – an encouraging one about underwear; and a depressing one about speedos.

bendon blog pic.jpgThe Great Revealing Undie Debate
This was conducted by Bendon Man (who are linked with McPherson Men’s underwear line). This pic is one of their underwear ads. An article on Thread, an online fashion-culture magazine, says: “New Zealand males really do care about what they wear down under. Forget metro and retro sexuals – there’s a new breed of New Zealand male – the retro-metro-undie-sexual. That’s a guy who likes to think he doesn’t care about what undies he wears, but really he does. While he doesn’t like shopping for undies, he knows exactly what style he wants and usually buys them himself rather than entrusting a girlfriend or mother. And what is the retro-metro-undie-sexual wearing? The overall results from the G.R.U.D show that if you stop your average punter on the street, he’s likely to be sporting a black, fitted trunk or boxer-brief in stretch cotton.”

Sounds good to me!! Click here to see the full article, which also includes the fascinating statistics that “a staggering 17% of guys shop when their underwear is too holey to know which one to put their leg through” and “the NZ bloke is a clean one – with 90% changing their underwear every day.” Hmmm…by my reckoning that means there must be about 15,000 guys who don’t change their pants every day…

herald speedos.JPGTo be brief – no thanks!
A much more depressing article appeared in the New Zealand Herald – our main newspaper. “A poll shows that tight-fitting togs – known almost universally by the brand name Speedos – still haven’t won general approval. When asked what type of togs look best on men, more than threequarters of New Zealanders preferred boardshorts over briefs. But the Herald DigiPoll survey shows that men have no objection to skimpy beachwear – just as long as it’s on women…the court of public opinion is a powerful one and for most beachgoers, even giving brief trunks colourful names – grape satchel, banana hammock or budgie smugglers – has not succeeded in making them appealing.” Makes you sick, doesn’t it? Click here to read the full article.

I wonder why these two trends seem to be going in opposite directions? I guess it’s because at the beach your togs are on show, whereas (for most people!) your undies are not on show to the public.

Remember, you can add your own comments to this – see the link just below here.

Glow in the dark thongs!

glo1.jpgWell Deusex was asking ‘what will they think of next?’ and it seems that this is the answer…

Yes luminescent thongs are the latest thing. Beau Carpenter, Chris Harris, and Marcus Brocato of Houston, Texas have founded the GloThong company. Their website says: “GloThong provides top-notch luminescent or “glowing” swimsuits, thongs and bras to individual customers, retailers, and distributors through our online store. Additionally, we provide the battery and Electro Luminescent Wire to other manufacturers to incorporate into their product line!”

The men’s thong seems to be a recent addition to the line. The picture doesn’t seem all that glowy, but there are other shots on their website. The blurb for the men’s one says: “An Electro Luminescent Thong with a lightweight water-resistant rechargeable battery. The charge lasts ~1-1/2 hours and a detachable plug is included for recharging. Luminescent colors of choice are green, blue, yellow and pink. Fabric colors are lime black, green, turquoise, royal blue, lipstick red, canary yellow, pure white and hot pink.”

No accounting for taste!