Miles / Dance 4 14 (in underwear) (Video)

Dancer Miles Coote in white briefs

Take a moment from your busy day to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful interpretative dance video of the beautiful Miles Coote dancing on his mattress wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs.

If I had to be picky, I wish the nondescript underwear could be better fitted, but they sort of go with the dancer apparent innocence. Lovely that the simple white briefs and otherwise naked body against the mattress show off the body’s movements and shapes.

Miles / dance 4 14 from house of o'dwyer on Vimeo.

Jockstrap Central 11th Anniversary Sale – up to 60% off store wide

Jockstrap Central 11th Anniversary Sale

OMG! Jockstrap Central Turns 11!

Hard to believe that we’ve been jockstrapping the world for 11 years! To celebrate, we’re hosting this massive sale where everything at Jockstrap Central is between 10% and 60% off until Tuesday, September 20th. Jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, shorts, wrestling singlets, tank tops, fetish wear, cockrings, ball stretchers and even socks are all marked down.

Everything from sports jockstraps from Bike, Flarico, Activeman, Wolf, and Omtex to exclusive edgy jocks and ball-lifters from Jockstrap Central exclusive designer Raw Studio. Also be sure to snag some of the crazy sports fetish gear from Maskulo in the form of open back fetish shorts, wrestling singlets and leggings all with super 3D leather-look cod-pieces so you’re always bulging to perfection. There’s also Italign designer Jockfighters with their sports fetish jockstraps, jock briefs, and sexy briefs with matching socks. Both Maskulo and Jockfighters is exclusively available in North America at Jockstrap Central and both brands are on sale.

Also worth a mention: All jocks and shorts from Cellblock 13 are 15% off except their leather-look Bullet and military inspired Commando lines which are 20% off. The deal of the century is with the Papi Jockstrap 2-packs as they’re 60% off – essentially you’re getting two awesome cotton jockstraps for only $8.00.

There’s too much to mention, so just head on over to the website to browse all the gear, check out our uncensored photography and hot models and snag a few deals. When there you’ll find every product listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed. It couldn’t be easier.


Nasty Pig XLR8 Gear Drops at Jockstrap Central with new model Seamus

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap Briefs and Socks


The latest collection from Nasty Pig drops at Jockstrap Central and this time around It’s slick and it’s modern yet they’re paying their respects to one of our all-time favorite Nasty Pig jocks of years past, the Touchdown Jock. The whole collection of jocks, briefs and matching socks is Nasty Pig doing what Nasty Pig is best at; creating iconic, edgy and hyper-masculine gear for guys who like to play rough. Our new model Seamus fits that bill as he takes the XLR8 out for a spin – it’s nothing short of, well….xlr8ting.

The first thing you notice is the waistband with the iconic pig logo front and center and Nasty Pig in a bold and 3d font on each side. But the best, and this is what accelerates it to the ranks of Nasty Pig’s best is the fabric. Unlike the cotton of it’s predecessor, this one is made from Modal; one of the best modern fabrics out there. It’s ridiculously soft to the touch, maintains it’s color when washed, breathes like cotton and yet it’s tough as nails. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a hint of Spandex to provide the perfect fit.

More to love: Nasty Pig has added extra contrasting ribbing down the center and along the sides of the pouch of both the jock and the brief to really highlight your junk, which is the point, isn’t it? With a masculine one and a half inch wide comfort waistband with cool horizontal micro-stripes as a backdrop to the Nasty Pig iconography that let’s everyone know your true nature.

If that weren’t enough, Nasty Pig XLR8 comes with matching socks. They’re the perfect pair of socks to rock with the XLR8 Jocks and Briefs. Nasty Pig appears not only on the toe but also at the top. What we love the most is that they’re not too long, but long enough so the top Nasty Pig will be visible with your favorite pair of boots or high tops on.

Be sure to check out Seamus in all the new gear over at our website, seriously, you won’t be disappointed.


Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap Briefs and Socks

Nasty Pig XLR8 Brief

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap

Nasty Pig XLR8 Brief

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap

Nasty Pig XLR8 Jockstrap

Nasty Pig XLR8 Brief

Get a Free Male Power Surprise at Jockstrap Central

Get a Free Male Power Surprise


We love Male Power for their fun, overtly sexy and erotic designs and based on how much Male Power we’ve sold over the past eight years so do countless customers. Whether it’s their super silky soft Bamboo Collection of jocks and lounge pants, their brief and jock hybrid called the Moonshine (now available with handy zippers), their in-your-face full-frontal Extreme Collection of jocks and thongs or our recently introduced Honeycomb Mesh Jocks (perfect for the big boys), there really is something for everyone in our Male Power lineup at Jockstrap Central. To celebrate these eight years, and in conjunction with Male Power we’re giving away free Male Power underwear. Read on…

For the next four days, until Sunday, August 28th at midnight, when you place an order at Jockstrap Central and it includes any Male Power product we’re going to be including an extra and totally free pair of Male Power underwear with your order. The free underwear is from a selection of jockstraps and underwear Male Power sent us for the promotion (which are not currently available on our website).

There’s only a few rules: The free underwear is our choice but you do get to choose your preferred size on the final page of checking out (the receipt page). Due to limited supply, only one free gift per order and finally, offer is not available retroactively.


The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: Undie Guy (video)

As countless other fans, I’ve been following the totally sexy Undie Guy doing his in-depth, honest and totally sexy underwear video reviews for a long time. I’ve watched the videos go from completely g-rated to the occasional tease to a whole lot of teasing and as much as I prefer the teasing as it’s so related to what my underwear fetish is all about I wanted more. When he finally tweeted the arrival of a whole bunch of new underwear from Sukrew I knew what was heading my way as Sukrew’s full-frontal U Briefs are what put them on the map. I checked my Vimeo feed daily and then finally, about a week later all my prayers were answered. Undie Guy posted his full uncensored review of his new Sukrew gear. Wow! From head to toe, he’s got everything going on. Here’s the video:

Sukrew Underwear Vid Review July 2016 from Undie Guy on Vimeo.

I’d like to say, there are a number of other underwear reviewers out there, but none as good as Undie Guy. Sure, the visuals are important, but he goes the extra mile talking about fit, fabric, cut plus he also includes lots of close-ups.

Great job, Undie Guy! Can’t wait for you next review.


Rough and Tumble Underwear Review by Sam Morris


Just came across this new (well, new to me) underwear reviewer on YouTube and glad I did. There’s now a few regular underwear reviewers but what I love most about the Just Sam Morris Underwear Reviews is that he doesn’t just stand there in his underwear but he moves around and in particular rolls around his bed which not only really puts the underwear through a workout but you get to see it from all sorts of sexy angles.

And since we’re talking about reviews, here’s my review of the underwear reviewer, Sam Morris: He’s adorably cute with a nice lean body, lovely bum and an impressive package that really shows off how good (or how bad) the underwear’s pouch can contain his manhood. 5 Full Stars!

Underwear reviewed in this video: H&M Boxer, Boxers from OTZI, old Calvin Klein Boxers Briefs, Agacio Sport Performance Boxer Brief, Daniel Alexander Explosion Slip, Cover Male Curious Slip Thong, Miami Jock Cunning Boxer, Intymen Party Brief, Zara Swim Suit, Barcode Singlet.

Here’s just one of his reviews but be sure to visit the Just Sam Morris YouTube Channel for the others!